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  1. 1


    Same buhari has been living a sanctimonious life as if he has nothing…
    Very shameful of him.

  2. 2


    Not surprised. A couple of my friends know zara so when news of cant pay nomination fee dropped i was chuckling. politics as usual!

  3. 3


    Lies Lies Lies…. So how did you quickly estimate it to worth N2.1 Billion immediately.

  4. 4


    Buhari see your life for outside.

  5. 5


    Buhari doesn’t own the property. He is renting it. Plz confirm your stories before publishing. Almost as if u have a personal vendatta against him. He is renting the property and that watch for his wife was a gift from one of the sycophants who feel they can get favour from buhari through his wife.

    Did u see him wear such a watch. Buhari only owns his home in kaduna and daura… Investigate your story well.

    1. 5.1


      How much is he ranting the house and who is the sycophant that gave the wife such watch

    2. 5.2


      How did you know Buhari is just renting the Property? How much is the Rent? So Aisha collected a wrist Watch from a Sycophant? Amazing!!! That is accepting bribe… Tam David West was sacked for that. Buhari the Saint can start fighting corruption beginning from her. QED

    3. 5.3


      If Buhari had worn the watch, it could still be a gift.
      People that live the life style they claim can convert the “gift” to money and help the poor and street children a lot of whom are roaming the street everyday.

    4. 5.4


      Guy,open your eyes and stop defending what u dont know

    5. 5.5


      Are you saying Buhari is a poor man? if so then lets compare him to a real real poor man, lets work it out and maybe at the end you will agree that he is not that poor.

    6. 5.6

      Adamu Abbasmusa

      If you know he own the house why can’t you take him to court. No evidence of purchasing nothing at all, he held various positions no one up date come up with corrupt allegation against him. Which account did he deposited the money? And in which bank? How can #25 billion naira disappear without bank knowledge? Are they ghost or what?

  6. 6


    General Buhari is a public figure. Unlike when he & Idiagbon used decrees 2 & 4 to gag the people’s mouth, the onus is upon him to come out and explain to Nigerians whether the information is true or not. He can not run away from his shadow. Democracy is a different ball game. Even though, nothing has ever been done legally about those who have recently acquired ill gotten wealth in the society, there is the fact that they are known & freely talked about until nemesis will catch up with them

  7. 7

    Mr. Tee

    Paid content. PDP at work again, I wonder the amount the editor of this site is being paid for these writeups. Ur so called investigations are trash. Go get a life or better still start editting porn stories. Asshole

    1. 7.1


      Mr. Tee: If you think PMB is going to be sleeping on a vitafoam king size bed with Aisha in the next 48 months, then, you are yet to embrace the realities of [participatory] democracy or better known as “retail democracy”. PMB has misled Nigerians from when he joined the army to today that he is the head of state. He rants about honesty and discipline, yet an embedded character of deceit and political mombo-jumbo balloons consistently with little helium. And by the way, if an ass is a whole, you would have sunk into yours.

    2. 7.2

      Mr. T

      Hi Mr. Tee,
      you don’t need to curse anybody, use facts. Paid or unpaid content, if this is true, then Buhari has lied to the 4th and most important arm of the government -the people!

      If the house his, he should claim it and we’d accept him as he is, a lying president. Nigerians can deal with that.

    3. 7.3


      Paid content? let Buhari deny the story.
      He and the wife never denied the wrist watch story
      If you think the story is not true, are you saying Buhari did not build any house.
      As former head of state he collects allowances running into millions.
      Do not paint the picture of being presented in bad light
      Is there anything wrong with owning a house or is all the defense and denial a ploy to keep deceiving Nigerians He has nothing.
      When will his asset be declared publicly as he promised us during campaign?

    4. 7.4


      Is it not better that you grow up and be more civilized and courteous in your comments?
      Must every write up be between PDP and APC?
      Don’t you know that the civilized world we claim to copy use this type of investigative journalism as checks and balances for our leaders.
      The election has been contested and won and now we have President Buhari.
      Even if the author is a mere propagandist, have said the same curse words on Sahara reporters?

  8. 8

    Don Simon

    Pls you people should let Buhari settle down and do his job. Kindly stop all these distractions for God’s sake.

    1. 8.1


      GEJ did not settle downti too because of distractions as well

  9. 9


    Is this really true? The president is of AGE , let him respond pls!!!!!

  10. 10

    Lami Acgum

    Just what in God’s holy name is the sudden problem with we Nigerians with President Buhari, his family and past. Need I say that I never voted for anyone nor belong to any political party so I’m not a loyalist to any of the parties in Nigeria but the real truth is we should focus on assisting President Buhari to tackle the so many huge problems in our country which is why he was voted not to ransack his lifestyle, his past and that of his immediate family, what they own, wear or dnt own or wear. R they supposed to live in Sambisa forest or wear stuffs from bend down boutiques just to please Nigerians ehn. For Christ sakes, this man was once a former head of state in Nigeria and has held other key positions in the past so at his age if he doesn’t have a property to show then something is wrong. Look u people should just leave Buhari alone abeg, let him concentrate n let his family be. His wife wore a wrist watch worth millions and so, they r less dan four days in office so could it have been ur money, what if she had it before now. Zara Buhari lives an expensive life and so, is she supposed to beg on d streets before we ll all know that Buhari is a modest and prudent man and d capable hand Nigeria as a country n we nigerians as a people need now to right d wrongs and decadence we r languishing in now. Come on peeps, stop getting ur selves busy doing nothing by monitoring Buhari and his family members but get busy sourcing for ideas to assist him in ruling us better than the past leaders we v had abeg.

    1. 10.1


      When a former president behaves as if he is the poorest making ordinary nigerians to believe that he is poor then here is the result. More to come. its not anybody’s fault. He said, affording nomination form was a problem – which means he is so poor as a former head of state in a manner he cant even afford nomination form, so why blame people for asking questions as the drama unfold? He has a duty to explain to his followers who voted him with all their heart.

  11. 11


    Lami.you have spoken well.pls educate them.you can’t get into the house and you are telling us the worth.are we fools.

  12. 12


    Yes yes. Let’s remove him immediately for he lied to us that he is poor. Either you do that or you keep your lying and bigoted mouths shut you haters

  13. 13


    People are stupid sha

  14. 14


    Some people just want to kill themselves for nothing sake!…we know this is one of the paid contents coming from those who hate this anti corruption war…. you cant fool us, you can fool some but you cant fool all of us, we are wiser and your content and would always stand behind the war against corruption! You cant feed us with trash, we know more than you!

    Very soon you would be screaming rule of law…. you are not shouting rule of law for the ordinary man/ woman whom the police picked up on the street for wondering! you are shouting rule of law for somebody who stole the common wealth of the masses! many are in jail with no hope! sometime when you listen to some people who called themselves activist, you feel like vomiting…. their words smells like shit, even this content too! oh what a shame…. some people are born enemy of the state, what a shame!

  15. 15


    Please this is not politics. I am not a politician and presently do not intend to be one. However, The Senate President is being prosecuted for not declaring all his assets. If the His Excellency, the President of the Federal Republic did same, He may have lied on oath and the law makes it an offence. Let all of us know the truth about our Public officers


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