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    prayer is the master key.

    Comment… By the nature of there activities the herdsmen has not by any way carrying a lawful bix activities which the constitution allows the citizern to engage in as much the life of other citizern are not under a threat or been killed but today what are we withnessing fulanis criminal carrying pumping machines gun, A-K47,Cutlassess,Arrows and many other dangerous weapon which the federal govt is fully ware of this criminal element (called the herdsmen) that they have been using to fight against her own citizern which as resulted to an uncountable number of lifes lost per day too bad for a sitting govt whatching is own people dying like a chicken. By international standared such leader without been told suppose to resign honourable, that is a leadership failure.

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    Truth is bitter

    Nigeria as well as Africa in general re suffering from two major problem no 1 is western power(2)is foreign religions such as Christianity&islamic,from boko haram,shite killing in kaduna,ipob&their agitation,Niger Delta bombardment of oil installations to Fulani herdsmen killing all re political&a ploy to destabilize d growth of Nigeria which will affect d hole Africa,d religions in their turn instead of bringing peace they are busy turning it into religion war becos of their selfishness,believing in God is not sleeping in the church or mosque but do d will of God will take u to heaven,one day God will shame on those who re turning Nigeria problem into their business center


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