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    uche aliozor

    Comment…what a noneses zoo country.

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    Features of a ZOO country are as follows: 1- people are arrested without charges, after the arrest, they will start looking for charges to detain those arrested. 2- their leaders steal public money and launder it abroad. 3- political office holders steal money and hide it their houses and dig ground to put it rather than going to bank. 4- appointments are by tribal inheritance. 5- the county’s economic resources are allocated to individuals and a particular tribe only, (oil Blocks) 6- corrupt leaders are still occupying their seats even after several corrupt cases are facing them. 7- in a zoo country, innocent people are killed by security operatives and nothing happens to them. 8- in a zoo country, anyone who say anything against govt will be detained. 8- peaceful and armed less protesters are killed by army and police in a zoo country. 9- etc


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