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  1. 1


    Comment…kanu should stop his selfish and self centered act, in trying to run nigeria into anarchy. Because what him and his irrational spineless followers are trying to do. Would not work

  2. 2

    Egwu Franklin

    Comment…when we told them that sending soldiers down here will mean harm they took it for-granted.However,we have not carried arms and it has taken this shape,who then knows how it will look like when we are armed.Fulani soldiers pleas leave our land now and save us from this whole heat. It will not be easy for anyone at all.

    1. 2.1


      It will not be easy for you only in Aba.and your family.not all Nigeria.go to Borno and ask. Does the boko bumbing affect you? .the ans is no..so,be ready to face it.UN are ready to send relief material to you people,Refugee camp is open.Aba will be semi boko.u better embrace peace.

  3. 3


    Comment…Let look at who is going to loose at the end fools igbo

  4. 4


    Nigeria is a failed state , Referendum or Restructure is the only option left for Nigeria

  5. 5

    Ogar l ogbaji

    Nigeria govt should find a posible way to solve this problem, war can not solve war.

  6. 6


    Unconstitutional beheavior of our south east governor & some northen leaders that seek for re-arrest of Nnamdi kanu are the cost of that.

  7. 7


    The only thing i can say here for now is that a lot of mistakes we make in this country are much avoidable but we do make them .
    Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  8. 8


    I believe the government should allow states to handle their resources while giving each states the responsibility to secure,educate,and develop their territory. The federal gov’t job is to police the leaders of states through e.g. CIA of the US or FBI . Not the President handling everything as a God in a country full of Gods

  9. 9


    Please, stop this carnage, Igbo’s are everywhere in the north more than you can imagine with huge investment, and moreover it may lead to religious crisis. Think twice.

  10. 10


    buhari ,humble your self and don’t be an illiterate.approach ipob with care .Nigerians will not fold their hands and u kill their fellow Igbo with ur Fulani soldiers.can u be wise and solve this issue with the way Yaradua solve the Niger Delta militant issues then. yaradua is d best President I will ever miss so far

  11. 11

    Edo Mohammed Abubakar

    whoever thinks that wishes are horses is a fool!! may it interest you that WAR does not know who is right mind you IPoB. no matter how this country is, it is still better than the battle field. don’t follow those hypocrites preaching hate speeches trying to put government in a bad line otherwise the blood of innocents can never forgive. I put it to all IPoB members that they are fools!! for you to know your level of stupidity. answer these que… where are Kanu’s children? do you have any in your midst? is any of your senator or Rep Sons in your midst? Be careful and pray for this country.

    1. 11.1


      Where are you presidents children? Your president dont practise what he preach, he wants war and by Gods grace he will get that in his family, why dint they arrest the arewa group that gave the quit notice, they said for security reason they wont arrest them, but the other way round no security reasons not to invade KANU”s house, Put on your thinking cap is you have any!!

  12. 12


    Thank God the whole has what is happening here. God has also seen it.

  13. 13


    Mohammed or what is dat ur name.people are tired of the situation of this country. Nigeria is sick bcos our one(buhari) is sick physically and mentally.Nigeria is backward because we have an illiterate as a president who is also visionless. he is not a visionary leader.war is not the solution. if anything happens to KANU.there will be war.no body will support the Hausa and Fulani bcos everyone has been calling restructuring but the ignorant northern leaders refused. even the Yoruba will not support the Hausa this time around. Buhari use ur head.apply yaradua methods of settling the Niger Delta them. don’t use military force bcos ur won’t work.we are in the era of civilization and democracy. don’t be an illiterate BUHARI

  14. 14


    At every or all levels, our Igbo brothers are too over ambitious, arrogant and greedy! Even the Oil rich Stastes in Nigeria are scared and can never agree with them. The only reason they agitating to be on their own( Independent of the present Great Brother Nigeria). Buhari may never givein to their agitation bcos it will be a betrayal of constitutional trust the whole country put in him when sworn into Power. It does not work the way the greedy Igbos are taking it! They should visit the genesis or root of the Nigeria Federation formations, way back 1960s and tender their humble application to Grandfather Great Britain who joined the three unfamiliar or unrelated brothers together, Yoruba, Hausa and the greedy Igbo.

  15. 15


    These biafrats are só daft that they forget that even the ojukwu with all his amunitions and ground Soldiers couldn’t survive the wrath of the third marine commando headed by Benjamin Adekunle…infact, ojukwu had to flee for his life only to come back, embrace peace, marry a beauty queen and jõined politics, because he was wiser to know that the igbos alone were nobody against the nigerian army. As for the fool called kanu, let’s see how far his “notice me” will take hím…i only pity the gullible monkeys following hím. To me, a moron that wants to become a hero through terror will only end up as zero.

  16. 16


    fulani/hausa all your evil plots has failed we dnt want war idiot buhari and co brought python dance we jump am pass i blame our evil easten governors zoo cnt stop us matching to our promise land

  17. 17


    lets be just in our judgement o! Buhari is a terrorist and blood sucker. He has no idea/clue as to how to lead. Please, withraw those idiots and lazy soldiers from Biafra land immediately.

  18. 18


    Comment…let me tell you Fulani and Hausa is it by force to be together we want to stay alone Nigeria has failed us we need a new world imagine me from delta oil ground no good job south east and South South we are one even the Hausa know it let’s join hand and make our new country even ex-president after all he do for north they betrayed him be wise let’s followed one family as Biafra. j.e.s.u.s

  19. 19


    ARMY barack are there why attacking police station. i implore police who are non ibo should find their way out its getting hot. the ibo mission is to loot police armory.

  20. 20

    Baba gana

    Comment…hahaha! Igbos let me tel u,is too late to cry when the head is cut up,we wil not take it,as u start kilin our brother that are living in place,

  21. 21

    Egwu Franklin

    Comment…I knew it that you brainless fools of fulani extraction has embarked on this your evil-sadled mission to make Aba look like Brono.However,God is our strenght and will never allow your wishes come true.


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