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    Inusa Saidu Biu is a pure Hausa man. What he said is the opinion of all Hausa people, including the so called Buhari. My opinion will only be wrong if this man is arrested and prosecuted. He is no other person than Shekau It.

    1. 1.1


      God save this country from evil men

    2. 1.2


      Comment…emeka or what ever your cald mind your word, if not becouse of hausa people what are you in nigeria? Gentility of a tiger is on wecatnes

    3. 1.3


      Comment…emeka or what ever your cald mind your words, if not becouse of hausa people what are you in nigeria? Gentility of a tiger is on wecatnes. Idiod

    4. 1.4

      Abba mamza

      Mr emeka, to readjust your statement earlier said above,not all Hausa please…Don’t generalise his foolishness and immaturity to all those from the north….choose your words wisely please

  2. 2



    1. 2.1


      That is it, hmm we know you people that are creating voilince, dont forget we also are steg to our handcoups

  3. 3


    he his a criminal and needed to be arrested, he his a disgrace to Nigerian police force, buhari death is meaningless and his existence is meaningless, buhari has suffered many home

  4. 4


    That is it, hmm we know you people that are creating voilince, dont forget we also are steg to our handcoups

  5. 5


    Please IGP shud arrest this nincompoop and detain him before he caused another havoc for Nigeria. Who are the 200 persons he is going to kill?

  6. 6


    Comment…BREAKING NEWS NIGERIA shekau reapears in police uniform but call himself lnusa biu.

  7. 7


    I am not wishing the president dead for a start . If this statement is true , what a country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Please when you want to kill , start with your immediatel family , extended , clan , village , town . They are people too .

  8. 8


    Yeah it left for us to believe that hausa are seeking for war but at first please kindly start it with you family coz the existence are not useful likewise you. Schmo policeman. God will dear punish you if you didn’t start it with your family.

  9. 9


    I do not wish Mr President death. As for the policeman, he should start killing from his son, daughter, wife, clan and make up the 200 people from his biu town

  10. 10

    Emmanuel Azodoh

    IG should take note this person is not suppose to be a police officer he is just saying this because he has access to gun and bullet, this type is a trigger happy police man he just a criminal, a hired killer and arm robber in police uniform I can guess that he has been killing

  11. 11


    This is a death threat to every citizen out there. now i question the intelligent, the technology and data base of the Nigeria arm forces. my advise is to get this guy arrested before he will turn to another cancer in our society.

  12. 12


    Comment…He is not a police man we should take note.this mad man called himself Inusa is a boko harm.ka ci waka.

  13. 13


    You will kill 200 people if he dies,i’m sure you would die before the first person among the 200.rubbish,should ‘ve been ban for life with this silly words.

  14. 14

    Born to live

    Who let the dog out? Whatever this flippant ugly mouth will unlawfully commit with his asigned gun if God calls Mr presi home whenever He wishes, shall be blamed on IG of police for failing to discipline him as he has voiced out his evil mind which has made him to become a threat to the society. They said that Prevention is always better than cure.

  15. 15

    Abubakar Umar (aka Alajijo)

    Presumeably, this statements are made to show you the habbitual extent of how nigerians has become today, if this guy (inusa biu) is truely from biu then it needed to reasons why is he posting this, is he mentally ok!? Or its an extent of How joyful he is with this present administration in tackling the B.H. Infact, the locality he comes from requires a psychologically solution but uttering a words like his’ is nothing but a childish… we shouldnt affort to bear a things like this, its unpatriotic. Its a challence to our securities. my opinion is that “this policeman is neither speaking for hausas nor a gentlemen in this great country, He may be seen and copying what his counterparts the dubious ones amongst from south-eastern part stating on social media and also going so freely~ i do not support any nigerian that is posting on seperatism, sentimentallism, triballism or dubious commentism. please lets embrace unity and patrotism & for better feature and national development.

  16. 16


    please for God’s sake,this police should be arrested because he is a terrorist in police uniform… Shine ur eyezz oooo

  17. 17

    S. Bitrus

    Comment…useless, sensless, carnivourus, criminal and big thief in uniform, that’s what u are,

  18. 18


    this man may not be Nigeria police, but he may be bokoharam in police uniform it is with himself he will start to killed

  19. 20


    I Didn’t Blame The Police Officer For Such Comment, Because Buhari Has Been Working Hard To Ensure That Nigeria Is Move To The Next Level, But The Greedy Thieves And Unpatriotic Idiots That Exploit This Country Collude Indefatigably To Undermine His Performances. This Police Has Seen The Peace Which Buhari Brought To The Country Which We Lacked In 6years Of Jonathanian Chryptarchy, Malversation And Public Fund Embezzlement, Despite The Incumbent Equanimity Inherent Nationwide, Instead Of Nigerians To Unanimously Evince Their Gratitude To The Incumbent (Buhari), But Those Thieves And Their Allies Engage In Showering An Unencomiastic Comments, Condemnation And Vituperations To The Person Of Our Great Leader (Buhari). These Nicompoopish And Ungrateful Attitudes Of Our People Are What Made This Police Officer To React With Such Fury. Since That They Want To Go Back To Their Past Death Pestilence, Let Him Start With 200 Among Them.

    1. 20.1

      Born to live

      You guys are birds of thesame feathers. Keep on flying together, but time shall tell.

    2. 20.2

      Born to live

      Umar, you guys are birds of thesame feathers. Keep on flying together, but time shall tell. He that supports evils is evil himself. By their fruits ye shall know them.

  20. 21


    Who know the total number of people you have killed

  21. 22


    Listen To Me Stupid Police U Wil Die B4 Buhari And Let Me Tel U Wil Regret Ur Statement And I Tel U Dat If Hausa Try Any Stupid I Wil Finish Them In A Second Power Pass Power,are U Nt A Police If U Have Charm Cme And Try We Yoruba,u Wil Die,i Use Only My Silival To Finish U Al Listen To Me I Wil Make Sure I Run U Mad Even B4 Buhari Die,arm Robber Just Try Yoruba U Are Gone,we Are Ready 4 War,if U Kill 1 Person,i Vow To Kill 7000 Hausa If U Kill 2 Person I Wil Kil 14000 Hausa,u Are In Trouble Ole,obo,monkey,a Monster.And Let Him Die Then And Let Enter War ,we Wil Nt Even Wait Til He Die B4 We Star D War Let It Start Nw Bastered.

  22. 23

    fuck you biu

    let me assume that man so called biu is a police officer but also published this words from his mouth and still he has not been arrested. I only pray that let him not cross his boundaries coz his head and all the members of his family will be use for sacrifice

  23. 24


    Nigeria being what it is… I bet nothing will be done about this guy. He has made his intention known, they know where he is, they know where he works. If, by some act of God, Buhari dies, everyone will be “shocked” when he carries out his threat!

  24. 25

    Ken Nnamdi

    Comment…Nigerians can never b reasonable I pity this country. Every body is blaming the distracted so called police man for his careless statement without thinking about what he says that d Buhari was poison,With the way some criminal legislators n executive are working against him one can not but consider his claim that the president has been poison to be true.And if that is true I wish he start with who ever that did that and extend it to the those criminal legislators n executives that has made life so miserable n difficult for a common man like me.

  25. 26


    He will never be brought to book in as much as he is praising the present administration. can we just tell ourselves the truth for once, since the fullanis started their killings how many of them have being apprehended nor brought to book? things happening in Nigeria are the kind of things u see in zoo, a country where there is no law no justice why won’t an idiot like him open his stinking mouth wide, let him sacrifice his children and wife in the place of his president, if only he knows that buhari’s existence is meaningless likewisehis death.

  26. 27

    Asuergbsr jbhsCJHBJsmvjo;klSMC jlm sc m

    This guy would have been jailed in a decent society. What nonsense

  27. 28

    Dov Hos

    Inusa, you have passed judgment on yourself,you are deserving of death because God would rather you die than innocent people especially that as a police personnel,you are entrusted with many lives.Your comment is very unfortunate whatever is your reason.You shall not live to kill the innocent.
    If the police do not prosecute you,God will,I assure you of that and not long from now.

  28. 29


    I think you startde from your family and buhari thanks

  29. 30


    freedom of speech, what a law? take him to the hospital for brain analysis before he starts something cynical.

  30. 31


    Dss is keeping silent over such comment just because he wants to fight for buhari. But a pastor was arrested just for making comments, thank God for the intervention of gov fayose. This administration is baise nobody is a fool here.

  31. 32


    Look at this foolish goat, You will be the one to die first and then your generations will follow. You are a big disgrace to the police force and a complete fool , Coward and a Mad bastard pig. The Hausa people are good people we will never judge them with your comment. Mr Big fool you are only a mistake to your family and Nigeria police force. i wish you dead , stinking cow

  32. 33


    Nobody is talking abt the health of the president

  33. 34


    I’ll wipe out the whole north in just one hour. It’s time to kill these people like rats!


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