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    Kanu do what ever you can to save your people. I am really sorry for those that pass on. May u souls last in peace

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    the truth always bitter

    Comment…9ja is a sorry state simply becos the hard work of kanu is gradually yielding more as against what hausa/fulanis effort who are using all enabling means to weigh down there effort through the follwing: a) to pay a writer to write in accordance to his pay master(hausa/fulanis) to condenm the effort of the group by calling them criminal b) to lie against there leader that they have been embezzling the fund made for their economy development,thereby making the region undevelopment c)using millitalization to kill and innocent citizern to as to act as an obstacle towards attaining their goal d) using money to organised some people who are out of job as a result of recession created them and called them criminal among the ipob members e) instigate a lies the set(ipob) have been attacking innocent citizern f) they have been busy bribery international court of justice eg ecowas from entertaining the matter within the africa soil above all this, the struggle for self-determination is becoming real simply becos GOD ALMAIGHTY have sent is own annointed man of god to delivers is own people from the weaked hand of hausa/fulanis/terrorrist/herdmend who are full of killing innoccent people without any reason. Blood taste people,generation of terrorrist whether in AGBA/KIRKI,always kill,kill,kill….

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    This is a strong voice of reason. Let those that have ears hear!


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