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Welcome to Breaking Times, a global online newspaper for synthesizing news down to easy-to-read-and-comprehend stories. Send e mails to ; btbreakingtimes@gmail.com

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    the truth always bitter

    Comment…Arewa youth are becoming useless and subject of mockering for a discussion on our daily news . My question who is rulling this country? is it the vice-president or the bunches of (terrorrist youth branded’ arewa youth’ ). Why are they panicking whenever we raise an issue on biafra,they wrote a song which they completely casted us out calling us all such of names and today they are all carrying for help both international and local intervention to seeking for a means of dialogue.the truth of the matter is that this set(hausa/fulanis) belief so muchly that this zoo country belong to them and they can do and undo without any trial.herdsmen killing,blaspherning that result to killing,kidnapping an under age which result to marriage( child abuse even the so called emir was present) and yet no arrest was made.naija is not our country we simply want a country of our own


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