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    who knws the truth but some men are stupid

  2. 2


    Your story is so pathetic but mind you hope is for the living not dead, i advise you to quit now and safe your life before the worst happened.

  3. 3


    my sister u av done d mistake already to marry him, my advice to u is dat u can.still make ur better if quit d marry look 4something an do or futher education, even if is to beg u beg, ur live wil surely change than to remain in everlasting bondage…

  4. 4


    My sister , if your parents love you , they should take you back .
    You have to talk to them even if they refuse , stay with them as you belong to them.

  5. 5


    please you need to leave now.. that man must be a fool

  6. 6

    Micheal iboro

    Comment…woman please don’t run away from him with my following reasons
    1.according to the Bible it is not good to divorce a husband or to divorce a wife so in that case don’t give up keep on praying for God to change him there is noting impossible for God to do.

  7. 7


    Comment…sister please even if you run to your parents let your brothers go over there and quarrel with him and give him a serious warning and after that he will come and apologized or you go and report to the village head and they will causion him but please first of all go to your parents first.

  8. 8

    ola oluola

    call me to this number or send ur number to me.man remember ur six feet

  9. 9

    ola oluola

    ola oluola 07089734268

  10. 10


    I am very sorry for all you have encountered. If all you have said are true, please quit that marriage now before the so called husband stab you to death.
    Go and plead to your parents and explain your stuation to them, I am very sure they will acept you back. If your parents stil refused to acept you,look for elsewere and stay.
    That man is not your husband. By the grace of God your real husband is coming to pick you from where ever you stay. God bless you (amin).


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