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    Goodluck’s warm reception at the venue of the convention could be one arising from the love of his fortune and immunity because he wasn’t more a member of PDP than any other member of the party.

  2. 2


    Aye we get name for people like you, we call d name bad belle

    1. 2.1


      I do not think you have a genuine likeness for Jonathan. I ordinarily know that people can speak only sycophantically.

  3. 3


    d den domy president.

  4. 4

    truth is bitter

    the 2 former Nigeria president I love&respect too much re IBB&GEJ,why I love IBB,the man is very wise&smart&he is not a noise maker but full of idea,IBB has already endorsed having Igbo man as President,restructuring&confab result becos he knows what will happen if people notice how d northerners re marginalising them,GEJ also is a very good President who did all he can do as president but he failed in corruption fighting just becos of d northerners he don’t want them to see him as being against them as by that time 90% of federal positions were occupied by northerners so if he is to fight corruption many from north will be victim&he weakly end d war to show them that he is not in revenge mission but today they re turning against he&his zone as well as d whole South

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    may God bless Jonathan cos he is a man of peace. may he live long.

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    Joseph kalmadoh.

    Papa Jona, welcome 2 ur domain. If I should suggest. Come 2 Aso rock by Monday nd take over power. Chase those children dat dosent know governance b4 Nigeria will break. Osibanjo is a based bird, Buhari is running 4 responsibility. Amechi is a criminal ,

  7. 7

    Joseph kalmadoh.

    Make Jonathan d president. Osibanjo his driver. Buhari British ambassador. Nnamdi Kanu minister of biafra affairs. Tinubu inspector general of agboros. Saraki EFCC boss. I will be d chief judge 2 deal with d idiots among them.

    1. 7.1

      Danny Sparrow

      Ndewo to you.
      Thankio, takwasi nkio nelu nkio.


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