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  1. 1


    Terrorist Don’t vote
    Please Igbos Don’t vote
    Please sit At home
    Please don’t forget November 18th is ofe nsala Day
    Our Enemies are shaking
    we have ALMOST IN THE PROMISED LAND please don’t loss hope.

  2. 2

    isaac solution

    some persons will only remain fools 4ever.
    Those who are involve in kidnapping/killing, sarbbotaging/distroying IPOB are truely doing that against their own concience and they know.
    (1) Buhari
    (2) some idiotic senators
    (3) house of reps
    (4) the judiciary
    (5) the governors in and some outside biafraland
    (6) some leaders and elders in biafraland
    (7) military
    (8) police
    (9) dss
    (10) sars
    (11) And all the anti-biafra fighters,
    Have u seen any biafran person that is carrying weapon to demonstrate his or her grieviances before???? Then, why all the killings of this innocent people?.

  3. 3


    They are saying what they want even UN,AU,EU,UK,USA disagreed with us that this Guys are peaceful ppl and not terro and me and u knows they are not violence . I am not Biafra but I see they are right under the UN law for there Agitation .One Nigeria plz. I beg them

  4. 4


    Biafra is gone ooo


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