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  1. 1


    Who will marry u now? u are useless

    1. 1.1


      I hope no problem bros, take it easy for you not to have bp on another mans problem. What’s the fuze all about? Please give your heart rest from bitterness and anger. When it suet her she will get married, it’s her life, when she make the right or wrong choice, she’s the only one to bear the consequences so don’t kill yourself.

  2. 2

    owolabi Daniel

    Who is the playing God. Now you say a fellow human being, an IBO like u is useless,How useful are u before God and man.

  3. 3

    owolabi Daniel

    Rita, one peaceful married year is better than forty years of sorrow. Be strong God has His own plan for u

    1. 3.1


      no one is more than God he does everything at his own time and at the right time

  4. 4


    Did I just hear you say “when the time is right?” at 42? You are a joker, we know your type. Keep enjoying the oiling regime.

  5. 5

    God dey

    One mans meat is another man’s poison.

  6. 6


    She will marry jim ik, no sane man will marry her, public abunna

  7. 7

    akin sodimu

    Obaji, learn to make positive comments, and even where you feel otherwise, make sure you apply some levels of decency. If this beautiful and educated lady is your sister, will you address her in such a way? A man must be careful about his comments and speeches so that he will not be viewed as irresponsible. I believe a word is enough for the wise. As for me, I will advise this lovely Theatre practitioner, to make hay when the sun shines, realizing that time waits for no-one. I whole heatedly which her a fruitful and glorious matrimonial future in Jesus mighty name. Amen !

  8. 8


    God will bless you my sister

  9. 9


    Prayer is d best weapon 2 solve problems, pls. keep on praying, almighty Allah will help u (amin).

  10. 10

    owolabi Daniel

    R: Read your Bible and pray everyday.
    I: In Christ shall u trust and imbibe the praying spirit.
    T: Total victory awaits u very soon.
    A: Amen AND Amen.
    God keep and bless u.

  11. 11

    oguns bimbola

    nawa.. Is just a pity the nigerian people find it so easy to lay an insult on fellow human, pls what has she done to u that lead to dis insult… Why can’t we just mind our speech for christ sake… God wil have mercy nd forgive u cos this is too odd

  12. 12


    Don’t give up my dear there is stil hope 4 d living
    believe God
    hold unto him……he ‘ll do it

  13. 13

    Ajwai Anas

    Comment… It is very gud dat u are thinking of marriage,in fact marriage gives maximum protection.In our society today if one is becoming of age without getting married he wl be looked at as irresponsible and wayward.I pray dat God wl give u the right man.

  14. 14


    she should be fast about it because stopping of her menu pause is around the corner

  15. 15


    Comment…will u marry me??

  16. 16

    Olalekan Olagoke

    Maybe It doesn’t matter to her to get married because of getting somebody of her level maybe difficult.


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