10 Dead, Others Injured As Afghan Vice President Survives Roadside Bomb

by on September 9, 2020

A bombing incident that happened in Kabul, Afghan capital on Wednesday that targeted the convoy of the country’s first Vice President, Amrullah Saleh, killed 10 persons and injured 31 including the body guards of the vice president.

No terrorist group claimed responsibility, even the Taliban disclosed that they were not responsible for the incident.

The vice president sustained burns from the bomb hidden inside a cart and kept roadside.

VP Saleh with bandages on one his hand, said after the incident that he was okay because he sustained minor burns to his body.

“I suffered minor injury on my hand and face, but i and my son are doing okay.

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He continued by expressing sympathy for those that suffered grave casualties and those that lost their properties as a result of effect from the blast.

Meanwhile Spokesman of the vice president, Razwan Murad said the attack was targeted at vice president Saleh, describing further the attack as a terrorist organized kind.

Similarly, the Interior Ministry’s Spokesman, Tariq Arian said the attack was directed at the Saleh’s convoy, he added that the injured 31 persons have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

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