100 Naira Vaccine Can Save You From Deadly Tetanus Infection — Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo

by on May 15, 2020

Popular online doctor, Harvey Olufunmilayo has revealed to his followers on Twitter the dangerous effects of Tetanus infection as well as preventive and corrective measures against the infection.

He said that It is caused by a bacteria that is normally present in the soil, dust and animal faeces. The bacteria enters open wounds and goes ahead to destroy the nerves.

The Tetanus bacteria can get into the body through cuts and scrapes, tears/splits in the skin, burns, animal bites — like cat and dog bites, body piercings, tattoos, injections, and open eye injuries.

Persons who have Tetanus infection develop very painful spasms all over the body which causes difficulty to talk, inability to eat, problem with breathing, high blood pressure, heart attack, spine fractures and ultimately death from all or any of these.

“I have it on authoritative grounds that people with tetanus infection need up to 500,000 naira to treat it properly.

“Most patients end up in Intensive Care Unit ICU because tetanus causes breathing problems that needs doctors to put a tube in their throat to help them breathe.”

“And remember this is not considering ICU fees. If we add ICU fees to the costs of treating Tetanus, the money you will spend runs into millions of naira.

“And as I said earlier,
EVEN IF you have the millions to spend,
Once you have tetanus infection,
You are likely going to die.” Dr Olufunmilayo tweeted

However, what should obviously come as a huge relief, the UK based doctor further revealed that taking the complete dosage of Tetanus vaccine (Tetanus Toxoid) is a tested and proven preventive measure against the infection.

He advised getting the vaccine from nearby hospitals or health centers which most times is free of charge and should not cost more than 100 naira per dose, if it has a price.

He said that five doses of the Tetanus Toxoid is the minimum that guarantees safety.

See below his prescription.

1st dose: Right now
2nd dose: 4weeks after the 1st dose
3rd dose: 6months after the 2nd dose
4th dose: 1year after the 3rd dose
5th dose: 1year after the 4th dose.

An immunity booster dose of the Tetanus vaccine every ten years afterwards was recommended as well.

“IF you do not get the whole five complete doses, you are simply gambling with your life.” He reiterated.

For clarification purpose, he said that one does not need to have a wound to get the five doses of Tetanus Toxoid vaccination. By the time one gets an injury,
It may be too late.

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