20 Social Media Lessons From Atiku

by on December 20, 2014

By Chris Ogunlowo

Style is nothing without substance

PR can’t disguise mediocrity

Sponsored posts don’t buy market share

Right for the brand is not the same as right for the consumer

Brand authenticity first before brand engagement

Not all Facebook Likes count

Instagram likes are good but nothing trumps real world admiration

PowerPoints don’t guarantee Power

Not all retweets are consumers’ endorsement

It went viral doesn’t mean it made sense

Attention is not relevance

A bad product with the best social media campaign is still a bad product

What shall it profit a brand to gain online presence and lose everything offline?

If your brand relies on its financial strength for survival, then keep the change

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Don’t confuse Twitter followership for market acceptance

Some photo ops are just dress rehearsals for brand failure

If rebranding is not complemented by authenticity, failure is guaranteed

A brilliant brand manifesto may mesmerize but it takes an authentic brand to sustain it

Be clear on your brand’s proposition

Value first, before rebranding

Chris Ogunlowo is a Writer, Creative Director and Principal Partner at Kwirkly, a growing advertising agency. Twitter: @chrisogunlowo

Source: thenet.ng

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