2023 Zone C Governorship; Internal Cohesion Must Precede Our Aspiration (Part 1)

by on February 18, 2021

“United we stand but divided we fall” is an everyday philosophy sang in our ears yet with little or no application; this is a critical expectation by the youth of Benue south senatorial zones from the elites and political class as we gravitate towards the political season.

The Benue Rebirth Movement (BRM) under the leadership of AVM Monday Riku Morgan (Rtd) had over time generated the desired ripples as an indicator of the yearnings of the good people of zone C to have a taste of the pudding of governing the state; this has been impossible since 1976.

Amidst this great and novel effort by BRM, the young people of zone C still find missing some basic indices of unity among the elites and political class of the zone namely;

  1. the total absence of a deliberate attempt from the elites, political gladiators, religious institutions to build a bridge across the segments of tribes in the zone.
  2. the absence of synergy among existing political blocks along “Inter and Intra” Party lines.
  3. a wide communication gulf between the Predeceasing generation (Our political elites) and the Succeeding generation(the youth).
  4. an unhealthy atmosphere of blackmail
  5. total absence of demonstration of “Will” by intending actors considering the political limitations of any aspirant of zone C extraction.
  6. the audacity of declaration by Aspirants of Zone C governorship which must precede “unification” and “consensus” agreement.
  7. an open and vocal negotiation by political leaders of the zone across all party lines as very few are doing so.

We wish to state unequivocally that the above indices are the major indicators that we are watching out for as young people as a proof of readiness by our fathers and political classas we fear that an absence of these spells the repetition of the 2007 political scenario.

As young people, we are harnessing our structures and ready to key into the movement and crusade as we demand an open show of “readiness” and “commitment” by the political class and elites of zone C.

We must as young people desist from practices that will further complicate the political situation we already have, drive positive vibes via our social reportage and feed back to our political structural hierarchy and promote a positive atmosphere for synergy.

There can be no Unity until we learn to love, ” We cannot convince and guarantee our TIV brothers of leading them in Love if we cannot love OURSELVES”; lets keep in mind that we cannot give what we do not have.

Let Love Lead

Comrade Obande Gideon
President elect, Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing(World Wide) aka INF Youth Wing (World Wide).

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