25-Year-Old Sentenced To Death By Hanging For Killing Fellow Herder In Ekiti

by on August 6, 2020

A 25 years old man has recently been condemned to death by hanging by the Ekiti State High Court after he killed a fellow herder with the use of a matchet.

The judge presiding over the case, Justice Adekunle Adeleye, stated that there were no later occurrence that contradicted the evidence that clouded one tendered against the accused.

“The events that paved way to the present, as concerning the crime he committed, I came to the resolution that he is guilty of the murder offence and on this note, he is to die by hanging”, Justice Adeleye stated.

Testifying against the accused, the litigating committee, Shirley Atanel revealed to the court that the act was carried out by Haruna on Feb 12, 2018 at Uro river in Ekiti State, adding that he killed Mohamadu Usman that fateful day.

Providing further evidence on the murder offence by Haruna, a witness testified that on that fateful day, he was driving on his motorcycle past the river, when he saw two herders approaching with their cattle.

He continued by stating that it didn’t take long for Haruna to return with his matchet stained with blood of his victim. To confirm the incident, he said that he saw Mohamadu lying lifelessly in pool of his own blood.

The defence council that represented the accused, Mr Yinka Opaleke came with no witness, while the prosecuting panel came with four witnesses who brought pictures of the deceased to further cement their argument in the court.

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