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    the woman the Queeny may be an agent of marine kingdom,and the victim might have been initiated into the group,bcos they have different strategy of operations,the best thing is to take the victim for deliverance in any living church

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    How did the victim know that artificial penis, and not real penis, was used? Also, how did she know that it was recorded?

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    Ik chosen

    Yes deliverance is d only option not court case

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    How could the victim explain that she was persuaded to drink vodka as a non-alcoholic drink. She must be a fool. Vodka has a very harsh odour and test for the victim to allow it pass thru her nose and her throat to the point of getting tipsy and passing out. Whatever that happened between them was consensual. Period.

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    house this is because had she known she would not have gone to Queenly’s. The victim I think gets some little financial assistance from Queenly who I think is financially disposed than her,that could have prompted her honoring the call. I also think the victim has longer-throat nd lacks seriousness. She would have by getting to the house and finding Queenly’s sister there, common sense would have told her that she had no job in the place as the sister could do the job; she knew that vodka is alcoholic and she was convinced against her will to drink which she did and was a great mistake on her own part. On the other hand she cannot establish if she was raped with an artificial manhood or the real thing given that she was under the influence if alcohol. She cannot for real establish if it was Queenly who actually raped her or if she did it along side her Sister or if it exceeded the both or guy(s) hiding in the apartment contracted for the purpose. On the other hand she may have been playing the gay game with Queenly but may not want to play a group thing and they drug and feasted on her. I believe she is raped but critically looking at the whole scenario, it apparent she has no case. this is because if her sister is a gay she will never testify against herself,if she is not one,she I’ll never testify against her sister. Given also that there was no other person in the house, it will be difficult to establish a witness. How then could she establish she was raped when she was found in her apartment the next morning. The truth of the whole matter is that in my thinking, I believe she is raped because no person in right senses would make public and proceed to court for rape charges if actually there isno such incidence.
    This occurence should serve a didactic to all and sundry especially this who lack common sense to sense imminent danger especially when they are being lured to it especially with trivialities.

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    D victim is a very stupid lady
    She is not security conscious at all


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