30-Year-Old Sentenced To Death By Hanging, After Blaspheming Against Holy Prophet

by on August 11, 2020

30-year-old Sharrif Yahaya has been sentenced to death by means of hanging by a Sharia Court in Hausawa Filin Hockey in Kano State, after he made a blasphemous statement against the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Sentenced alongside Yahaya was Umar Farouq who was also charged and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for his slanderous statement against Allah.

Presiding on the case was Judge Muhammad Aliyu who after looking into evidences brought against the men, proceeded with the sentence.

Inspector Yargoje who is the lead prosector, in a First Information Report (FIR) said that Sharrif was pronounced guilty of using bad and offensive language on the religious creed which is ambivalent to section 382 (6) of the states’ Shariah Penal Code Law.

The act by Shariff angered the youths as well, who reacted by going to his house and set the whole place on fire, and proceeded by setting up a protest to Kano Hisbah Corps on the demand for his prosecution.

The Offenders, Shariff and Farouq both pleaded guilty to the mentioned offences.

They were however give a month interval to save themselves by making an appeal to the offences.

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