4 Nighttime Activities in Dubai You Should Do on Your Holiday

Going on vacation, tourists are divided into two categories: those who get up early and those who like to sleep more. Many people like to get up early on vacation, trying to do as many activities as possible and visit as many sights as possible. 

On the other hand, some tourists come on vacation to feel a refreshment of mind and body. They allow themselves to sleep longer to enjoy their rest and recover physically after hard work. 

Dubai is perfect for both morning people and night people. In the morning you can have breakfast in top restaurants and cafes and continue to act according to your plan. As the sun sets, even more people appear in the city, as not everyone likes the exhausting heat. In addition, in the evening you can do a lot of entertaining things and enjoy your vacation. 

Regardless of what time you wake up and how many activities you want to try, you need to rent a car to visit all the planned locations. You can take advantage of car rental in Dubai Mall and choose the car that best suits you, be it a luxury car or an economy vehicle. In any case, you can rent a car at a reasonable price and get unforgettable emotions. 

We will talk about the variety of things you can do if you get out into the city after sunset. You will find activities for every taste. 

Things to do at night 

Enjoy the starry sky in the desert 

When going to Dubai, you can’t help but visit the desert. Everyone comes to the desert to have fun and ride on the dunes in off-road vehicles or ride sandboards. 

However, in addition to this, in the evening you can also find entertainment here. In search of romance or out of curiosity, you should come to the desert to look at the stars through a telescope. You can rent a Ferrari in Dubai for a breeze trip to the desert and a luxurious photo shoot. 

If you want to not only look at the stars but also learn something new, then you can take advantage of a private lesson with a guide who will introduce you to astronomy more closely. Away from the city, the stars are better visible, so an incredible experience is guaranteed.

See the splendor of the city from above 

Arriving in the United Arab Emirates, not a single tourist cannot but visit the tallest building in the whole world. For many, it is enough to see the Burj Khalifa from the side and enjoy its grandeur, but you may miss the opportunity to look down on the city and see all its beauty. 

Due to high demand, you should purchase your tickets in advance and choose a time after sunset. Climbing to the top, you will be speechless, because incredible beauty will open before you. During the daytime, this sight is also beautiful, however, when all the lights come on in the evening, it is a completely different unforgettable experience. 

Get closer to the Palm Fountain 

Everyone dreams of seeing a show taking place at the Palm Fountain. Tourists make their way out of their hotels in the late evening to catch the world-famous fountain show. You have the opportunity not only to see this spectacle from the shore but also to get even closer. 

You can rent an electric catamaran and see all the splendor with your own eyes. This is a great idea for a romantic date, but you can also go on this adventure with your friends. Take snacks and you will get a real pleasure.

Go roller disco 

For many people, American films of the 80s and 90s cause great admiration. The most memorable scene that can often be seen in old films is how the characters go to the roller disco with their friends. 

If you have ever wanted to have the same experience, then in Dubai you have such an opportunity. You can rent a luxury car to get to RollDXB for an unforgettable night on the dance floor. By the way, you can choose an amazing outfit and show everyone what you are capable of. 


When the sun sets on the horizon in Dubai, the city comes alive, and all the tourists come out to have fun. Here you will find a lot of exciting activities that you can visit in the evening, forgetting about the exhausting heat. You can find both calm activities and extreme ones, depending on what you prefer. You definitely won’t be bored here.

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