Top 5 Easy Flat Belly Exercises

Several exercises help you to reduce belly fat.

There are many reasons for oversized belly such as improper diet, lack of exercise, sitting for a long time, and pregnancy. Several exercises help you to reduce belly fat. The top five easy exercises for flat belly are Running, Crunched, Planks, Leg raises, and Dance workouts.

1. Crunches

It is best to exercise for reducing belly fat and help you to reduce fat around the waist. It starts by laying down flat on the floor bend your knees and feet on the ground. Lift your hand upward and place them below the head. It engages all abdominal muscles. It helps you to build muscles and is good for getting six-pack abs.

2. Running

It is good for overcoming belly fat and also helps to reduce stress improve mental physical and heart health. It is very effective for fat-burning exercise. You can burn more than a hundred calories when running for 10 minutes. Daily 5 to 10 minutes running reduces your fat quickly. Also, reduce the risk of heart attacks and other diseases.

3. Planks

Planks are one of the great exercises for calorie burn. It engages many muscles at a time and gives strength to your body. It improves the flexibility of the body and tight that Timmy. Doing plank every day improves the stability and strength of your body.

4. Leg Raises

It is a very popular exercise for losing belly fat. It also loses weight from the legs and gives strength to calf muscles hamstrings and glutes. The great benefit of this exercise is that it can be done while lying down in bed. Regular doing leg raising reduces the risk of back pain and back injuries. Leg raises are great for melting belly fat and tone your body.

5. Dance work out

It helps you to burn a large number of calories. Zumba is good exercise for reducing belly fat at home. You enjoy your exercise routine and this is good for weight loss.

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