5 Tech Innovations that could Alter Your Lifestyle

Modern technology has the sheer power to change the world. The world and the people change themselves and their lifestyle to incorporate new tech innovations. When TV was invented, people were eager to get this moving-pictures-box in their houses. Even today, people love to get their hands on Smart TVs and LEDs and watch their Spectrum Cable TV on them. It’s just one example. The same is the case with smartphones. They came and they simply ruled. Today we see that people are inseparable from their smartphones.

Therefore, technology has the power to change the world, people, and lifestyles. It’s a privilege that we live in times when technology can make our lives easier and assist us. The technology today has paved ways for us to explore and innovate further. We will talk about certain innovations, which have the potential to change our lifestyles and the world at large.

 Innovations that’ll Transform Your Life and Lifestyle

  1. The Online World on a Microchip.
  2. Space Tourism.
  3. Self-Driving Cars and Electric Vehicles.
  4. Robots in the Workplace and in Space.
  5. Gesture-Based Computing.

Let’s discuss them in detail. 

The Online World on a Microchip

This concept is under development at the University of North Carolina. They are working on a microchip that simply taps into the power of laptops, smartphones, and tablets to deliver educational resources and offline information to billions. And this works without having access to the internet. This project is called the WiderNet. And they have already connected with the ministries of education, health, schools, and information technology in various countries. They aim to fill libraries on a chip in addition to the core material taught in a particular university. 

This innovation will revolutionize the education sector. Especially in less-developed countries. They have already reached the project’s crowdfunding goal back in May. Now they are in the process of collaborating with educators, librarians, and volunteers across the world to know what information do they exactly need to be on their chips!

Space Tourism

Ever thought of traveling to space? And thinking of it just like how we travel to a different country? Just like in the sci-fi movies! The ever-flourishing technology indicates that it is perhaps possible quite soon. Now that we live in times when we can virtually tour any country in the world, we are aspiring to go beyond the world. Imagine telling your kids about a tour to Mars! Well, it may be possible soon. 

Companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Amazon Blue Origin are seriously interested to make this concept a reality very soon. They are planning to provide seats aboard a spaceship and travel into the orbit. This possibility excites many. Passengers on Amazon’s space shuttle New Shepard will be taken 100 kilometers above the sea level before it parachutes back to earth. 

Self-Driving Cars and Electric Vehicles 

Electric and hybrid cars are not a new concept. They have been on the roads for a good while now and are only getting better. The car batteries are performing better and lasting longer. And the infrastructure of charging stations is growing. There have been steady and heavy investments in bringing the concept of self-driving technology to reality. This means that self-driving cars are coming sooner than we expect. 

Tesla has already come up with an Autopilot mode that is a little complex. It is capable of taking over certain driving controls. However, car manufacturers are hoping to make us entirely hands-free very soon. You will not have to commute to work or shopping. You can sit back and relax or nap while the car takes you conveniently to your destination. 

Robots in the Workplace and in Space

Do you know that NASA has already sent robots of various shapes and sizes into space? With the advancement in technology, it is beginning to make sense. Unlike humans, robots do not require oxygen or food while they tour the space. They can be conveniently packed full of sensors in order to send or bring data back to Earth. Also, they are developed enough to perform the roles of gathering data. Sending astronauts only to fetch data will not be required anymore.

In the workplace too, robots can take the tedious, difficult, dangerous, and monotonous jobs. They can save humans from trouble, hard work, and risk. Theoretically speaking, robots are quicker, more efficient and less likely to make mistakes. 

Gesture-Based Computing

Remember the mind boggler gesture-based computing in the famous Tom Cruise’s hit Minority Report? Well, the movie made the concept popular but it was already around for a while. It was appearing already in various different technologies. In our daily usage of tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets, we will be using many gestures. It is only reasonable to see the future when a keyboard and a mouse will no longer restrict us. Instead, relying on action and voice will become a way of life. Imagine choosing Spectrum Select package on their website without having to click a mouse. Thanks to the conveniences brought by gesture-based computing.

Are you ready to embrace the future?

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