50 EXAMPLES OF THE ‘CHANGE’ WE NEED… by @moglordis

by on September 22, 2016

By Kingsley Ogbeide-Ihama.

1. Not slogans; but actions.

2. Not ‘Red Roof’; but qualitative education.

3. Not few roads; but several roads with cost attached.

4. Not selective development; but even development of the State.

5. Not casualisation of workers; but gainful employment.

6. Not just Okpekpe Race; but revival of our sports’ glory.

7. Not thuggery; but educating and empowering our youths.

8. Not white elephant projects; but meaningful ones to fill areas of societal needs.

9. Not projects without completion dates; but ones with time lines.

10. Not endangering our polity with lack of internal democracy; but strengthening it with fairness and fair-play.

11. Not collection of taxes with thugs; but with civil legal means.

12.  Not leadership that cannot be accessed and persuaded; but people=oriented government that listens and cares.

13.  Not imposing oppressive agencies like EDSTMA; but problem solving agencies which staff is civil and monitored.

14. Not Town-hall meetings of only party supporters in addressing State issues; but ones for consultations with actual stakeholders.

15. Not neglecting industries; but establishing them for job creation.

16. Not extorting business owners through different forms payments; but encouraging them as partners in progress.

17.  Not referring to our ladies as prostitutes and gold-diggers; but respecting and giving them skills for gainful employment.

18.  Not ignoring the shortage of teachers; but filling vacancies in public schools.

19.   Not disregarding widows and the elderly; but respecting and caring for them.

20.   Not indebting or giving state guaranteed loans to only party members and for electioneering; but to actual qualifiers for effective utilization.

21.  Not shielding cost of projects from public knowledge; but to be prudent and transparent.

22.  Not frequent travels without gains; but travelling for gainful returns.

23.   Not disregarding House of Assembly resolutions; but to be bound by their resolutions.

24.   Not enforcing policies with thugs; but through public enlightenment and interactions.

25.   Not disregarding Court Orders; but respect for Court orders or rulings.

26.   Not over-taxing the citizens; but encouraging them with incentives to make investments and grow the local economy.

27.   Not disregarding and referring to products and services of Edo indigenes as inferior; but patronizing the citizens for growth.

28.   Not abandoning agricultural sector; but bringing it back to enviable position.

29.   Not a meager N5 million to support security agencies; but with a good part of the N500 million monthly Governor’s Security Vote.

30.   Not intolerance of opposition; but respects for freedom of expression and association.

31.  Not lack of attention to shortages of medical personnel in hospitals and School of Nursing; but adequate staffing and attention to school of Nursing.

32.   Not ignoring safety rules in construction of public buildings; but taking precautionary measures and regard for lives.

33.  Not using public funds to maintain army of thugs; but for training civil servants and essential manpower.

34. Not making workers accept unfavourable conditions with threat of sack; but resolution of disputes through dialogue.

35. Not indiscriminate borrowings; but sustaining development through prudency and self-sustenance.

36. Not frequent increases of taxes and fees; but consideration of the business environment and stakeholders’ plights.

37. Not personalizing the use of public facilities such as Ogbe stadium; but considerations for equity rights of others.

38. Not killing boarding facilities in secondary schools; but reviving them for proper grooming of the youths.

39. Not interfering in activities of other arms of government; but respecting the principle of separation of powers.

  40. Not spending monies allocated to the local government areas; but supporting LGAs to achieve their objectives.

  41. Not disregarding the plight of pensioners; but appreciating that meritorious service deserves honour and entitlements.

42. Not discouraging obtaining and renewal of licenses within the state; but making them at par with cost in neighbouring states and for convenience.

43.  Not killing trade fairs; but encouraging fairs to exhibit and promote locally produced goods and services.

44.  Not killing inter-school sports competitions; but encouraging for talent discovery and youths’ engagements.

45.  Not stoppage of bursary; but assisting the poor brilliant indigenes to gain education as the rich.                                                       
46.  Not killing established industries and institutions for newer ones; but strengthening old ones for success and avoiding wastages.

47. Not disregarding area of needs and timing in locating projects; but consideration for urgent needs and even-distribution.

48. Not concealing records of state’s debt; but a transparent account matched with details of projects.

49. Not increasing IGR with high taxation and no corresponding economy growth; but increasing through economic growth.

50. Not secretly selling state assets to friends; but through public consent and open bidding where necessary.

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