“A Flying Coffin Waiting To Shatter On Air” — Reactions Trail Collision Of Two Planes At Lagos Airport

by on July 30, 2020

Mixed reaction have trailed the collision of two airplanes at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, yesterday.

An Airbus A330-243 owned by Middle East Airlines with registration number OD-MEA, ran into a Boeing 777 airplane with registration number TC-LJC operated by Turkish Airlines.

According to a national daily, the Middle East airbus ran into the Turkish cargo flight, which was parked at the international airport apron.

The MEA airbus which was taxiing ran into the Turkish cargo plane parked at the tarmac.

The plane had to disembark its passengers who were already on board.

Below are reaction BREAKINGTIMES gathered from Twitter:

@wealthy_yute: “I am still trying to understand how two airplanes in Lagos airport will collide against each other😲

“Are they constructing a new bridge at the airport? Hold up don dey enter airport?

“Abeg when 2020 dey end cos I don tire🤣🤣🤣”

@udebuaniokwy: “The incident at the Lagos airport would show you that this life is not balanced, I know how many times danfo don scratch my bumper and even police no dey ever come ask how far.”

@wellington_teri: “The collision of the airplanes at the Lagos Airport is bad but has never been an impossible event.

“The only two cars in New York once found a way to collide with each other early in the 20th Century.”

@Hankvalj: “Just take a look at the airplane that collided at the Lagos airport. The two plane look unkept, malnourished and lack proper maintenance. This is just a flying coffin waiting to shatter on air.”

@vhic3adibe: “Two Airplane collide in Lagos Airport. MEA A330 collides with Turkish Airlines 777 at the airport Everyone is safe, no injuries reported.

“Our Pilots no dey see road again 😩. Lockdown has made them forget how to drive plane.”

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