A visionary leadership with experience: Chief Barr. Felix Omi Imoisili as an example

by on February 24, 2020

When opportunity meets with preparedness, the end result is always visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. In another language, one popular saying goes this way, “proper planning prevents poor performance”.

A gold fish have no hidden place. When you see a destined leader, you do not need a prophet to tell you that he or she is one. “By their fruits, we shall know them”.

We have come to realise that performance is enhanced, when responsibility is given. Life is a journey and in the journey of life, we learn one thing or another, almost on daily basis and all these lessons in life contributes in no small measure to our leadership abilities. No wonder why they say that “experience is the best teacher”.

Chief (Barr.) Felix Omi Imoisili as a well trained Psychologist and Lawyer, is a focused and visionary leader who have acquired requisite experiences needed for higher responsibilities at both State and National levels and the records are stirring us in the face.

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For those who do not know, Barr. Felix, delivered his assignments diligently, when he was a staff of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), which resulted to almost restlessness as a result of more work, because, management believes that he can always deliver. A colleague of mine jokingly told me that, “reward for good work is more work”.

Furthermore, Barr Felix contested for Chairmanship of Igueben Local Government Council in 1999, and won in that election with wide margin. His records of achievements gave him the opportunity to win that same seat for the second time. It is on record today that he is a two-time elected Chairman of Igueben Local Government Council of Edo State.

Still talking about Barr Felix, as a Visionary Leader with Experience, he is the pioneer Secretary of Edo State Chapter of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria, (ALGON) and also served as Special Adviser on Special duties to the former Hon. Minister of Works, Arch. Mike Onolememen.

Some of his achievements as Chairman of Igueben Local Government Council include, grass root developments and lasting legacies. And while serving as Special Adviser to the Hon. Minister, he established an active link between the Minister and the Party Leadership, especially in Edo State.

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From 2016 to date, Barr Felix remains the Secretary of PDP in Edo State and he is still the current Coordinating Secretary of all PDP Secretaries in Nigeria.

With all these high rising and intimidating profile of Chief Barr Felix Omi Imoisili, and his wealth of experience, it is an obvious fact that, if he is voted in as Edo State PDP Chairman in the forthcoming Party congress, the party will witness all round positive turnaround.

It is therefore, my humble opinion that the cap of Edo State Chairmanship of PDP fits Barr Felix Omi Imoisili, judging from his wealth of experience, Vision and Mission.

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We also believe that a vote for Barr Felix is an investment into a brighter future for Edo State PDP because he knows the way and he has the capacity to take the party to higher levels in the State.

In the light of the above, we appeal to the leaders and delegates of PDP Edo State to vote for Chief (Barr.) Felix Omi Imoisili as Chairman of PDP Edo State at the next state congress.

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