ABUJA: Rider’s Embassy to fund borehole project In Communities

by on June 26, 2019

As water remains one of the major social challenges that Africa as a continent face and with the fact that millions of death are recorded from water-related diseases, organizations are teaming up to make their own contributions.

Playing its part, Rider’s Embassy has announced it’s plans to provide two communities with boreholes in Abuja.
Making this pronouncement in Abuja on Wednesday, the CEO of the group, Abubakar Abdullai said the community of bike riders whose reason for being is firstly, to interact with their immediate communities and, work out help to render to such community.
According to Abdulla Rider’s Embassy exists to change the public notion about bike riders. “People perceive bike riders as rascals, drug users, child and women traffickers, and so on, but that is a single narrative that has been fed to the public over and over until it became the pervasive reality”.

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He said they are everyday people, who conduct business like the average Joes and Janes of the world, united by a simple common passion for twowheeled motor bikes.

“The reason we have gathered here today is to enact this mission of ours in a very vital aspect of the everyday lives of the residents of Abuja. We have come to announce our plan to install boreholes in Abuja communities”, he explained.
He further stated that it is a disheartening tale to find that in 2019, even in the FCT of all places, there are still communities that do not have running water, and some others that have stale unclean water.
“One may live without food for a while, but try living without water. We bathe with it, wash everything with it; I mean, its scarcity at any point in time should raise alarm, and not be glossed over”.

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“We, the Rider’s Embassy, impassioned by this reality, have selected these three
communities in Abuja to visit and drill boreholes: Rugga, Dutse Jabo, and Sabo Ido”.
“We have partnered with Aquadrill Boreholes Nigeria Limited, through the Managing Director, Mr. Jibrin Hussein Jibrin, an ex-biker as well, to achieve this.

For the sake of inclusivity and transparency, we would leave the selection of the first community to visit to a vote. After the vote, active preparations will begin to achieve this project within the shortest timeframe”.

The CEO also announced the assurance of their technical partner that the process of drilling a borehole from start to finish will take less than three days.

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Abdullah said this project will require funding and as such has subsidized the funds for this endeavour, and is calling upon all personalities and organizations present at this press briefing to help carry the load of achieving this altruistic engagement.

For each contributor, no matter how large or little, an epitaph will be erected beside the drilled borehole, bearing their names in bold.

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