AbujaToKaduna: Controversy As Reports Of Train Attacks Surface

by on September 15, 2020

Reports that a train moving from Abuja to Kaduna was attacked for 20 minutes by bandits, has generated controversy amongst Nigerians, as insecurity and banditry runs rife in the country.

The alleged attack took place Monday evening, with pictures of a shattered train window making the rounds.

“Armed bandits attacked Abuja – Kaduna train today? I shared this because I know this Facebook user. He’s an elder who won’t just post a fake story for the fun of it. This is scary”, journalist Gimba Kakanda tweeted.

Some have disputed the tale of the attacks, saying that the shattered window was the handiwork of local children throwing stones as the train moved by.

Many have disputed that narration however, saying that the impact of stones alone could not have shattered bulletproof windows at full speed.

Breaking Times reports that Facebook user, Hassan Mohammed posted a picture of the damaged train window, showing spilled glass on the seats, with the caption:

“BRAZEN met the BRAVE…

My colleagues were met with shock of their lives today as bandits brazenly attacked and opened fire on the Abuja-Kaduna train. They said, the fight went on for 20 minutes. But our brave security apparatus attached to the train did well in repelling them.

May we never suffer such torment. May Allah protect us from us.

Photo: Musbahu Mroy Aroyrhun”.

Meanwhile, insecurity in the Nigerian republic has reached an all time high, as BREAKINGTIMES reports that massive killings by criminal groups, referred to locally as bandits are rupturing rural life in some parts of the country, which has created widespread of poverty.

11,000 people have died since 2011, according to the International Crisis Group. Many deaths, particularly in Fulani villages go unreported.

In the last two months, almost 70,000 people have fled north-west Nigeria to Niger since April 2019, including 30,000.

President Muhammadu Buhari administration has issued several orders to fish out and destroy the activities of the bandits. Despite this, the bandits still dominate the play with the Northern region.

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