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OBSCENE | Abusidiqu Founder and Staunch Buhari Supporter Backs Child Marriage

by on June 5, 2015

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Usman Abbass Babayo, the alleged founder of Abusidiqu.com, a staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari and a member of Buhari’s presidential campaign media team has thrown his weight in support of the practice of pedophilia and the global scourge of child marriage.

According to Babayo, in a set of tweets on Thursday via his Twitter handle @shangudar, “I stand by my words, I will prefer to marry a girl of 11 years old that to marry a so called 20 years old that was once a bitch to everyone.”

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Babayo, wasn’t done. “So it’s normal to have sex with teenagers but it’s not normal to marry a lady at the age of 11…”

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Babayo immediately came under fire from a section of the Nigerian social media who condemned what they called the sheer insensitivity and stupidity of his tweets. He has since deleted the tweets but not after they had been screen munched.

The Abusidiqu.com platform allegedly co-owned by Babayo was used as a frontline media propaganda platform by President Buhari during the presidential campaigns.

In 2013, Ahmed Yerima, a Nigerian senator who is said to have married a 13-year old girl blocked attempts to modernise the constitution and implicitly endorsed child marriage.

READ: Nigerian senator who ‘married girl of 13’ accused of breaking Child Rights Act

Nigeria’s Senate passed a bill Wednesday that approved life imprisonment for rapists and those who have sex with children under 11 years old, a Nigerian newspaper reported. The legislation could help build a stronger law against sexual crimes in the West African country where scores of women and children are subject to rape and sexual violence.

The bill included various sentences and fines for other sexual offenses such as incest, child pornography, sexual tourism, gang rape, sexual harassment, prostitution of mentally disabled persons, lacing drinks with drugs with intent to sexually abuse, and deliberately infecting someone with HIV and other diseases. The bill also mandated storing names of sex offenders in a database.

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  • Alaba Olalekan
    October 7, 2015 at 10:34 am

    #TheList: Of President Buhari’s Saints and Sinners By The Pathfinders’ Movement Of Nigeria

    Within a few weeks of president Mohammed Buhari coming to office, there was a widespread belief that he was going to be “different” stemming from his acclaimed integrity, good character and moral uprightness which spanned across board. The ministerial list released by Buhari is another example of hope triumphing over experience.

    In real scientific term, president Buhari’s era is a mere continuation of Ex-president Jonathan’s inglorious anti-poor and incorrigibly corrupt govt both in outlook and origin. At the beginning, given the circumstances through which Buhari emerged as president even the dullest writers and or mischievous political analysts/observers had no difficulty in concluding that Buhari presidency will be a bit different from the usual. Several individuals has bemoaned the recently announced ministerial list sent by PMB to the National Assembly as a retinue of old thieves and as a payback gift to some elements who worked relentlessly for his emergency as President.

    With this individuals some of which are facing several corruption charges and related offences. The decision of using this identified individuals will make his govt to be a continuation of mass misery and stupendous corruption which largely dominated the previous administration. Today however, the masses are being made to believe that the president in fact is a messiah from the heaven but dwells among the crooks.

    As a govt with popular Support and sympathy, Buhari has an undaunting task to make Nigeria a better place and act inline with his party slogan of bringing change to Nigerians. Several of the problems which Buhari needs men of impeccable characters and integrity to handle bothers on power, energy, infrastructure etc. Just as The Pathfinder Movement Of Nigeria appreciate Govt effort and military efforts towards fight against insecurity and insurgency, we implore Buhari to reconsider his ministerial list and bring in untarnished, clean, trustworthy and dedicated Nigerians that would buoy his confidence and who can appropriately dispel their skills towards ameliorating the challenge of insecurity, poverty, unemployment, bad economy etc but its a choice of PMB to make which will determine the future of His govt

    This List clearly shows the limited and selective nature of the anti-corruption crusade of President Buhari and the influence of corrupt imperialist and multinationals on government at all levels. Nigerians expected that Buhari will appoint people that are of integrity and arrest some of the fingered individuals on his list.

    To us in The Pathfinders’ Movement Of Nigeria, This is not a surprise since the All Progressive Congress (APC) and President Buhari relied on some known cabals to win and run society and cannot challenge this present exploitative and unfair arrangement in the system. Hence, no meaningful fight against corruption can be achieved with this corrupt-ridden individuals nominated as minister. The government can feign commitment to anti-corruption fight by arresting and arraigning few corrupt public officials in court. In reality this is usually selective and with no seriousness of fighting corruption.

    To us in The Pathfinders’ Movement Of Nigeria, we have always argued that corruption can only be holistically fought when society is run transparently and democratically by the working people and the poor with the aim of meeting the needs of all. The working masses must begin the political struggle for a genuine change as against the APC change mantra by building a mass working people political party to transform the country along socialist lines. If genuine change is not achieved, not only that the interest of the working masses will be undermined, the anti-corruption battle will as usual remain a smokescreen and the country will remain on the brinks.

    Long Live Federal Republic Of Nigeria,

    Long Live The Patfinders’ Movement Of Nigeria.


    Alaba Olalekan
    Secretary General.


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