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    Well is something that we never experience before until this present Government, one when the elected president goes on vacation to UK he follow due process hand over the country to his vice president Yemi Osinbajo to act as acting president, two no president of this country soever done that in historical are part from present Government of APC, three and acting president doing what is right to keep the country moving as directed that’s why we come to know that formally we cheating ourselves due to visibilities that cause us waste our energy for nothing sake. God bless the president and his vice.

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    Comment…@kogi.may nigerian av witness d kind of travelling buhari did bfor datz y u especially never noticed it.Goodluck never travelled for two weeks at a stretch n we yar’duas case self at a point goodluck was made acting.Even obj was always telling atiku”if military want to take over dnt fight wen i come will take it back.In as much as i aprc8t wot osinbanjo is doing try to also do ur home work well bfor u write on issues publicly


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