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Agitation for restructuring, a bid to scuttle Biafran autonomy – IPOB

by on February 7, 2017
The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) has said that the sudden clamour for restructuring Nigeria as being championed by some persons and groups is but a ploy to scuttle the agitation for Biafra auton­omy.
According to IPOB, those behind the call for restructuring are appre­hensive over the momen­tum and global popularity gained by the Biafra agi­tation and resorted to re­structuring apparently to make the agitators back down in the struggles.
IPOB, in a press state­ment by its Spokesper­sons, Emma Nmezu and Clifford Iroanya, however, vowed never to fall for the ploy, insisting that no re­structured Nigeria can be as good as sovereign state of Biafra where citizens will no longer be subject­ed to servitude.
It said, “IPOB can cate­gorically inform the world that the current slogan of ‘restructuring’ is as a re­sult of the irreversible re­solve of Biafrans to leave Nigeria.”
The pro-Biafra group said it would not sacrifice the struggles for self-rule on the altar of restructur­ing Nigeria, which cannot be guaranteed because of the indisposition of the cabal enjoying the lop-sidedness of the present structure.
IPOB said its major focus now is to conduct a successful referendum that would set the stage for the final exit of Biafra from Nigeria.
It hinted of its read­iness to commence the sensitisation of people in the break-away repub­lic on the proposed refer­endum.
Although it refused to disclose modalities for the referendum or when it would hold, IPOB ex­pressed the confidence that the exercise would get an overwhelming ‘yes vote’.
IPOB vowed never to give up in the agitation for Biafra independence until the new republic is finally restored.

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