Interesting Facts About Airyn Ruiz Bell and Her Husband

Airyn Ruiz Bell is a popular Filipino celebrity wife among so many celebrity spouses, but she stayed away from the limelight. Yes! She is the wife of popular American Broadcaster and presenter Art Bell. Let’s hear about the popular celebrity wife, Airyn Ruiz Bell, and all the facts about the couple.

When Airyn and Art Bell Get Married

Art and Airyn got married in 2006 in a private ceremony. They kept their marriage private until Art announced it to fans. At that time, he shared all the information because rumors started spreading that the two had met on the internet, and some said the two had met when Art was on holiday in the Philippines.

The news of Art’s marriage revealed just a few months later the death of Ramona Bell, who was Art’s wife. At the time of the second marriage, Art was 40 years old, and Iryn was only 22 years old.

The controversies started being raised online, but the couple did not mind it. Art died in 2018; he was a radio broadcaster who started her career as a rock music D.J.

After that, he switched his career and became a radio host, and gradually, his popularity rose. After that, he began a political call to show West Coast AM late and renamed Coast to Coast AM.

Over time, his show topics changed from political topics to other controversial topics, such as abnormal issues, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, gun control, and more. On the other side, Bell started other radio shows like Dreamland and Midnight in the Desert.

Airyan Ruiz Bell: Fourth Wife of Art BellAiryn Ruiz Bell Career

Airyn is the fourth wife of Art Bell, Yes! The radio broadcaster had married three times before. The first wife’s name was Sachiko Toguchi Bell Pontious, and they married in 1965.

After three years, they separated, and then he married his second wife, Vickie L Baker, in 1981. They stayed together for ten 7 years but divorced in 1991.

Just after a few months of divorce, Art married Ramona Lee Hayes. They met while working at the KDWN radio station, and this marriage lasted until her death.

She died due to an Asthma Attack when they were on vacation in Nevada. After the death of his third wife, Art was 40 years old. He married 22-year-old Airyn Ruiz Bell and remained together for 12 years. Unfortunately, in April 2018, Art died because of an accidental drug overdose.

Who is Airyn Ruiz Bell?

Airyn belongs to the Philippines but is also an American national. She was out of the limelight before her marriage to Art Bell. Her family lives in the Philippines, where she was raised. American nationality was granted to her when she married Art Bell. Initially, that was a difficult process, but then she was granted American nationality.

Physical Attributes of Airyn Ruiz Bell

Airyn is charming; her long black hair and eyes make her more attractive. The beautiful girl is 5 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs around 65 kg. Airyn keeps herself up-to-date that’s why she seems young.

Airyn and Art’s Children

The couple had two children: a daughter named Asia Bell, born in 2007, and a son named Alexander Bell. Art Bell also had three other children from his previous marriages. Their names are Lisa Pontius Minei, Vincent Pontius from the first wife, and Arthur Wiliam Bell Iv from the second marriage with Vickie Baker.

The Couple’s Legal Battle With Michael Savage

The couple’s marriage was full of controversies as, in 2016, they sued conservative radio host, author, and conspiracy theorist Michael Savage. Michael Savage’s real name was Michael Alan Weiner.

He tried to defame the couple by calling Airun a ’10-year-old Hook*er. During the radio broadcast show. When Michael called her 10-year-old hoo*ker because of the couple’s age difference. The defamation lawsuit attracted many people to the couple. This controversy ended in 2017.Art Bell

Net Worth of Airyn and Art Bell

Airyn Ruiz Bell and Art Bell’s estimated net worth is $10 million. As we know, her husband was a successful radio show host and author.

After the marriage, he changed his will and included his fourth wife, Airyn, and their daughter, Asia Bell, as his sole beneficiaries. Art Bell has changed his will alongside their two children, Alexander and Asia Bell.

Bottom Line

Well, the couple Airyn Ruiz Bell and Art Bell had a great relationship until the death of Art in April 2018. He was 72 years old at the time of death, which happened because of overdoing drugs and drug-obstructive lung disease

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