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by on August 25, 2015


Our attention has been drawn to an advertorial placed in several newspapers by Governor Tanko Al Makura’s agents masquerading as “Nassarawa Citizens for Peace” but who actually  operate within the confines of the Governor’s office in Lafia. The adverts were fully sponsored and paid by Governor Al Makura who has failed to pay workers salaries for months despite receiving over N150billlion as allocations and the recent bail out intervention by President Buhari.

It is not surprising that these serial attacks on Maku are coming at a time when the massive fraud that characterized the April 2015 elections are being exposed at the ongoing election petition Tribunal in Lafia, Nassarawa State

In the said advertorial, the paid hirelings drew up some questions for Labaran Maku. Although most of the questions are puerile, senseless, and mischievous, we deem it fit to set the record straight so that the unsuspecting public will not be misled. We hereby respond to the questions asked serially.


Ans: Tanko Almakura is the founder, financier and beneficiary of Ombatse. They(Ombatse) said this to the whole world at the Judicial panel set up by Almakura. They presented cheaques showing Almakura’s financial sponsorship of the group.
Ombatse were Almakura’s personal security guards during 2011 election. They also provided security during Almakura’s inauguration in 2011.

2. What was Maku’s role in the killing of security operatives by Ombatse?

Ans: It’s lame and laughable to ask this question given the fact that Maku was not  the chief security of the state. Governor Al Makura  was the one who presided over the state as chief security officer. He should know better.

3. Who is shielding Ombatse from prosecution?
Ans: Ask Governor Tanko Almakura.

4. Where is Baba Alakyo, the spiritual leader of Ombatse, and what is Maku’s  relationship with him?

Ans: Baba Alakyo told the world how Al Makura went and took Oath from him before the 2011 election…..he said he initiated Al Makura into the Ombatse group. Tanko Al Makura should provide the answers. Never once was Maku’s name mentioned in all of these.

5. Why did Maku boycott all peace efforts by the state government?

Ans: Al Makura  was given written position on the crisis by all Nasarawa leaders led by Walid Jibrin and Maku which he failed to acknowledge or implement.

6. Why did the staff of Federal Ministry of Information hold Maku hostage when he resigned as minister?

Ans: They dint hold Maku hostage. Some elements obviously acting under external influence later apologized during the reception for Maku which held at the National Press Centre at Radio House same day.

7. Who were the two APC witnesses that testified against Al-makura?

Ans: They were Al Makura’s witnesses from Alagye and Mbrumbrum in Doma LGA, who openly confessed before the tribunal that Al Makura did not win the April 11 governorship election in Nassarawa state. It may also interest you to know that the remaining witnesses earlier presented by Al Makura were quickly withdrawn by his lead Counsel, Yusuf Ali SAN to avoid further embarrassing confessions as all efforts including financial inducements to get the witnesses to lie on oath failed.

8. Why were all employees of Federal Ministry of Information from Nasarawa state during Maku’s tenure of Eggon extraction?

Ans: This is absolutely false as Mr. Labaran Maku did not discriminate against any ethnic group while serving as Minister. Political appointments and projects were spread across the state. The GM Precious FM Lafia, Musa Abdullahi who was sacked from NBS by Almakura is an Alago from Obi LGA. Maku, as a member of the federal cabinet, ensured the establishment of a new Federal  university in Lafia which has created immense opportunities for youths across the state. He also completed and commissioned the NTA station at Akwanga. Other projects include the Lafia-Awe road, Lafia-Doma road, Federal secreatariat Lafia, among others. This no doubt created employment opportunities for youths all over the state.

9. Why did the paramount ruler of Eggon nation, the Aren Eggon,  strip Maku  of his traditional title, Turakin Eggon?

Ans: The Aren Eggon did not strip Maku of his title.  Some elements sponsored by Almakura attempted to embarrass Maku through announcements on the state owned radio station-NBS

10. Why didn’t you visit Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the state until during campaigns?

Ans: Maku visited displaced persons including the widows of security personnel who died at Lakyo. He provided support for the widows and relief materials for displaced persons. This was widely reported.

11. Why didn’t APGA win any elective position during the 2015 general elections?

Ans: That is why Maku is in court to challenge the electoral fraud. APGA won the Governorship and senate seats and is in court to reclaim the stolen mandate. It is also instructive to note that Maku had all along been in PDP and by the time he left for APGA, many of his associates who remained in PDP won their elections.

12. Is it true that N37 billion was discovered on Maku’s farm?

Ans: It is not true. Some people sponsored by Almakura planted the fiction on the social media to hide the $510 million (dollars) reportedly stashed abroad by Almakura in American Banks. The alleged discovery of N37B on a phantom farm is laughable, spurious, baseless and can only exist in the imaginations of Al Makura and his propagandists.

13. Is it possible for one to win one out of thirteen local government areas and be declared winner of governorship election?

Ans: APGA won in 9 LGAs but result was falsified by Al Makura’s agents and fraudulently declared by INEC. That is why Maku is in court. Even Al Makura witnesses have confessed before the Tribunal sitting in Lafia that Maku won overwhelmingly in their areas.

14. Did Maku reconcile the account of the defence ministry during his tenure as the supervising minister?

Ans: Ministers do not reconcile accounts. Permanent Secretaries and the Accountant General of the Federation do so. Ignorance is behind most of the questions you asked. This question betrays your morbid hatred for Maku because he defeated your sponsor, Al Makura who has failed to account for over N150Billion collected in the last 4 years.

15. What was your role during the communal crisis of Toto and Azara during your tenure as deputy governor of the state.

Ans: Maku was one of the leading peace makers that resolved the crisis of 2001 which brought uninterrupted peace to Nasarawa State until Tanko Almakura’s violent regime destroyed the peace. It would interest you to know that one of the factors responsible for Maku’s landslide victory in the 2015 governorship elections is because his track record as a peacemaker endeared him to voters across Nassarawa state who saw him as the only hope for restoration of peace, reconciliation and rapid development of the state after years of violence, widespread killings of innocent citizens, and destruction under Al Makura’s regime.

We therefore urge the public to disregard all these sponsored attacks and campaign of calumny launched by Al Makura’s agents which are symptomatic of a drowning man

Aliyu  Kalo

Joseph Audu

Citizens for Truth and Justice

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