Alex Otti Promises To Generate 73 Billion From Agriculture As Abia State Governor

by on March 16, 2015

Dr. Alex Otti,the gubernatorial aspirant of APGA in Abia State at a press conference promise to improve the economy of the state by investing in the agriculture sector where the state can generate about 73 billion naira yearly.

Dr. Otti started his speech by making a brief introduction about himself, who left his job as MD/CEO of Diamond bank plc on October 2014, to rescue Abia state from the shackles of poverty.

He was of the opinion that , it was a very difficult decision to take by leaving his job as CEO of a new generational bank after getting a new tenure elongation which amounts to about six(6) years left to serve diamond bank as it MD/CEO as stipulated by the central bank of Nigeria.

Otti argued that political thugs by the ruling party were sent to disrupt their campaign rallies, posters and banners were been destroyed and most adverts were not aired on state owned TV/Radio stations after they must have been paid for.

Dr Otti highlighted that in the past six to eight months, civil servants and pensioners have not received their salaries or have not been paid. That totally every sector of the economy is on the brink of total collapse, all major industries/companies in Ohafia, Aba and Umuahia are either abandoned or not functional.

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The incumbent governor Theodore Orji who is said to be an imperialist and a dictator who imposed himself as a senatorial candidate, his son is also running for the state house of assembly elections, his godson Okezie Ikpeazu was imposed on the people of Abia as the gubernatorial candidate for PDP), eighteen (18) out of the 24 seats contesting for the state house of assembly belongs to a group owned by the incumbent governor.

While speaking on the economy of Aba, Dr. Otti stated that over 50,000 shoe makers are idle because there is no enabling environment and good infrastructural facilities to aid the growth and development of their businesses, creating room for mass unemployment

Speaking on the health sector, Otti posited that the health sector in the state is in total ruin, that Abia state has the highest mortality rate in the federation because of the total neglect of almost every sector of the economy.

He also highlighted that the government instead of creating enabling environments for investments by entrepreneurs, the governor is busy engaging youths in dubious programmes such as buying tricycles and cabs or taxis for graduates, noting that he as a first class graduate if he had graduated now, he would have been a keke napep rider because of some bad policies of the incumbent governor.

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On Agriculture, Dr. Otti says the total budget for Abia state is 104 billion naira, and as a rice producing state, his government will harness the vast potentials of bringing great investors to start the production of rice instead of importing rice with the federal government and therefore will make the state generate a whopping 73 billion naira which will also booster the GDP of the state.

On power generation,Otti says he is going to bring a group of experts to generate a reasonable amount of megawatts which will provide electricity for all Abians while the rest will be transferred to the national grid.

Dr. Otti was also of the view that he will create a ministry for Aba affairs which will put markets like ariaria in the right order and making it one of the best destinations for over 200 entrepreneurs to the state thereby bringing the state out of it current debts and poverty level.

On women empowerment, Dr. Otti will also empower women by giving out loans to start up business, providing small medium scale businesses and so on. This is why his running mate is also a woman.

On the education sector, Dr. Otti highlighted that the education sector in Abia state is in total shambles, no good infrastructures in nearly all schools and tertiary institutions in the state .that when voted into office he will create a conducive and enabling environment for learning.

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When asked whether he left the PDP because he lost the primaries, Otti cleared the air that he never contested the primaries under PDP, that he left the party even before the primaries were held.

When asked about the other candidate who claimed he is the candidate for APGA, Dr. Otti cleared the narrative that he is the only candidate recognised by INEC to contest under APGA.

In conclusion, Alex Otti said the state governor is arming thugs, and former kidnappers because of his desperation for power to win elections at all cost.

He highlighted that no amount of intimidation by the governor can stop the will of God and the people of Abia have spoken already and on election day, it will be one man, one vote, using the same medium to appeal to INEC to fast track the distribution of PVC to eligible voters so that people will not be disenfranchised.

Meanwhile the media Director of Otti campaign Mr Chris Ukah urge the people to follow Dr Otti on social media, @AlexottiAbia on Twitter and on Facebook as Alex Otti Abia.

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