Amaechi Nigeria’s Tyron Lanister

by on December 3, 2014

By Hilary Tamuno

Rotimi Amaechi, the boisterous Governor of Rivers State loves the headlines and and would do or say anything to be heard. He’s constantly in the news for all the wrong reasons, the next time you hear or read about Governor Amaechi, he wouldn’t be commissioning projects or trying to make the lives of the people in his state better, he’d be talking about his “enemies”, who are trying to destroy him and why it is important he fights them. And the governor seems to have enemies everywhere (in the judiciary, the legislature, the police force, the presidency and amongst prominent politicians in the state). He keeps creating one storm or the other because he likes the feel of the rain and doesn’t mind if everyone gets wet with him. On he’s quest to be picked and saved politically by the APC, hoping to be fielded as a vice presidential candidate of the party in the 2015 elections, he is ready to let all of hell loose.
Governor Amaechi would claim to be fighting corruption in the same sentence where he accuses himself of being a corrupt politician. He would accuse the president of high-handedness and disregard for rules one day and reject the appointee of the NJC for the office of the Rivers State Chief Judge the next day. Governor Amaechi would cry to Rivers indigenes’ that they have been abandoned by the Federal government, but forget that he has abandoned teachers, legislative workers, judiciary workers, lawyers, students, members of TIMARIV etc, most of whom haven’t been paid their salaries for long months or have been out of work due to the neglect or turmoil that he has created in the state.    Here is a man, who was brought into government by the courts, but has decided the court isn’t good for him anymore and his party would form a parallel government if the 2015 elections don’t favour his party. Governor Amaechi is drowning politically and he’s desperately trying to stay afloat or not drown alone.
The sooner the APC realizes that he’s a baggage full of dirt, lies and treachery, and it would be unwise to associate their presidential bid with this seemingly insane man, the better for them. Governor Amaechi is unloved in the South-South and has very little support of the people of Rivers State, who view him with distrust for all the lies he peddles against the President and for abandoning and creating chaos in the state all in his bid to be vice president. A desperate politician fighting to survive who speaks carelessly, lacks control of his state, is bad news for any political party. Recent events have shown that Governor Amaechi lacks the political deftness to achieve any form of victory in 2015. At a town hall meeting with students of the University of Science and Technology, some students walked out on the governor and openly declared they wouldn’t be voting for his party in 2015, this shows that he’s steadily losing his grip on the people of the state. Also by appointing Dakuku Peterside (a man with no political clout) to be his successor, Governor Amaechi has shown that he lacks political insight, a major sign of a terrible politician. The APC was expecting a Tiger when it celebrated his decamp to their party, but Governor Rotimi Amaechi is nothing but a cat struggling to free itself from a very deep well.


Hilary Tamuno lives in Port Harcourt. He tweets via @HilaryTamuno

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