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    Hon minister , your point of our neighbours importing from our other neighbours and thereby we must provide rail line to be competitive does not hold water to me .
    What is the volume of their annual imports? What do they need to import from us when we can not yet feed ourselves ?. Do they import crude oil ? What of the type of products they may be easily exporting to us ?
    I have said this before , there is nothing wrong for a rail line to get to Daura as long as due process is followed as per pricing .
    Daura is part of Nigeria and before a train gets there it would gotten to other stations across the country .
    When are the rail tracks going to get busy and stop being used as markets all over the country ? The cooking of the food is taking to Long and the discussion getting boring . Let the Chinese firms be more active and let Nigerians see actions .
    You have opportunity to write your name in GOLD in the minds of the Nigerian masses ? ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .


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