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Amaechi: Why FG Approved Rail line through Daura

by on September 20, 2017

Nigeria’s Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has explained reasons over the approval of a rail line linking Daura, Katisna State, and the home town of President Muhammadu Buhari.Amaechi-Senate-1

On his recent visit to the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) for a stakeholders meeting involving the project handlers; Chinese Civil Engineering and Construction Company (CCECC) and representatives involved on the on-going Lagos-Ibadan rail corridor project, the Transportation Minister stated that the Federal Government had to award a rail line that will pass through Daura due to lack of a rail line linking Nigeria with her land-locked neighbours like Niger.

Rotimi Amaechi stated further that in order to stimulate more businesses and trading activities, the government approved a rail line to Daura because of the competition for landlocked countries from Ghana and Togo.

He told newsmen after the monthly meeting with the contractor handling the Lagos-Ibadan rail project, that Nigeria realised that it had competitors for other land-locked neighbours competitors like Ghana, Togo and even Benin Republic.

The minister noted that Nigeria’s landlocked neighbours are importing through these countries because of the absence of rail lines passing through them. So to address this situation, President approved a rail line that will go to Maragi in Niger.

He stressed that that the rail line which will come from Kano to Maragi in Niger must pass through some cities. So the rail line passes through Kazaure and then Daura before proceeding to Jibya all the way to Maragi’’.

Reacting on the reactions trailing the President’s action, Amaechi queried, ‘’Is it that when the rail line gets to Kazaure, it jumps into the air over Daura? No, it has to pass through Daura to get to Jibya and Maragi. It’s quite unfortunate that people read meanings to a rail line going to Daura’’. The minister stated.

“With this rail line, it addresses the competition we have with Ghana and Togo for our landlocked neighbours. So we can now tell our landlocked neighbours that we can take their goods and services from our ports in Lagos to their country.

But one thing good for me as a man that has the mandate to connect all state capital by rail is that, from Daura, we will also link Katsina State, thereby leaving us with just three more State capitals to connect; Zamfara, Sokoto and Kebbi.”

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  • Specs
    September 20, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    Hon minister , your point of our neighbours importing from our other neighbours and thereby we must provide rail line to be competitive does not hold water to me .
    What is the volume of their annual imports? What do they need to import from us when we can not yet feed ourselves ?. Do they import crude oil ? What of the type of products they may be easily exporting to us ?
    I have said this before , there is nothing wrong for a rail line to get to Daura as long as due process is followed as per pricing .
    Daura is part of Nigeria and before a train gets there it would gotten to other stations across the country .
    When are the rail tracks going to get busy and stop being used as markets all over the country ? The cooking of the food is taking to Long and the discussion getting boring . Let the Chinese firms be more active and let Nigerians see actions .
    You have opportunity to write your name in GOLD in the minds of the Nigerian masses ? ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .


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