America May Witness A Civil War, As Trump May Likely Not Want To Hand Over To Biden If He Looses – Film Maker, Spike Lee

by on August 30, 2020

Director, Hollywood filmmaker, Spike Lee has recently warned that American President, Donald Trump could initiate a civil war if he loses in the November election to challenger, Joe Biden and refuses to decamp the Whitehouse.

According to him, the President’s adminstration is one that is encouraging hostility in the streets and one that has also seen black and brown persons shot like animals, as he gave reference to the recent shooting of Jacob Blake.

“The animosity witnessed in the World and the United States of America today is surprising and definitely not encouraging, adding that the amount of hatred brought by the President’s adminstration is truly heart-rending.

“If it so happens that he looses to fellow Democratic challenger Biden, he might result to tricks and readily not accept defeat. He added that his wishes was for the President to loose the November election.

“How do I sleep at night, knowing fully well that continuously, African-American are shot for no crime committed”, he asked.

He further said that his wishes are with the slain blacks who were killed for their colour, adding that are we about to have a civil war in America?

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