American vs European Roulette: Main Differences

American & European Roulette: What Are The Differences Between These Two Variants Of The Popular Casino Game?

“Roulette,” which is French for “little wheel,” was possibly borrowed from the Italian game “Biribi.” There are several ways to wager in the game, with many finding it popular to place bets on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number, as well as placing it on a single number. Additionally, players can bet on a range of numbers or whether the pocket will be red or black.

To find the winning number, a croupier first spins a wheel in one direction while simultaneously spinning a ball in the other way along a tilted circular track that surrounds the outside of the wheel. The ball ultimately stops spinning as it travels through a segment of deflectors and lands in one of the 37 colored and numbered pockets on the wheel. Those who made a winning wager will then receive their winnings.

The different number of pockets is a first major difference

The 37 segments that can be found when playing the European variant are divided into the digits 1 through 36 and 0 respectively. Red and black are alternately used to represent the numbers 1 through 36, while green is used to indicate the solitary zero. Players are required to predict where the ball will land, and they will need to do this before the ball lands on the wheel and moves toward a pocket.

There are 38 equally sized segments on an American roulette wheel. The digits 1 through 36 come first. These are connected by two zeros, “0” and “00,” respectively. Players can place a variety of bets when playing American roulette by using the paytable as a quick reference. This particular version of the game also follows the same principles, though, as European roulette, as players will simply need to wager on where they feel the ball will end up going.

As a result, many find that they enjoy the various variants as they each provide something a little different. Indeed, by visiting the 32Red casino roulette collection of games, it is possible to enjoy your gaming sessions at a reputable casino by playing a variety of different titles. Some of the roulette variations you can use include European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette, Auto Roulette, Multi-Fire Roulette, Sapphire Roulette, and Three Wheel Roulette, among others. 

In looking at the European and American Roulettes specifically, both variations of the popular game are different in certain ways. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

The wheel in American roulette features an additional 00

In American Roulette, it is well known that zero and double zero are typically unfavorable for players. The only exceptions are: If you made a wager on the white ball landing there or placed a Five number bet. By doing so, all additional wagers placed on the table are lost.

There is no 00 segment in European Roulette, just a single green zero. The numbers on the wheel are also arranged differently in European Roulette. Even while it seems like a little change, once you fully grasp its implications, it can have a big impact on your win rate over time.

There is a difference in the House Edge

This seemingly insignificant variation can have a significant impact on how your games turn out, even though it may seem unimportant.

When betting on certain numbers in American Roulette, the chances of winning are smaller. When playing European Roulette, the odds are 1 in 37 as opposed to 1 in 38. In some games, the payouts are higher when the odds are lower. With American Roulette, this is not the case. Even with lesser odds, you still receive the same payout of 35 to 1 for betting on the winning number, same as the European Roulette.

The house edge in American Roulette is 5.26%, while the house edge for European roulette is only 2.7%. Given that you are playing the identical game with the same payouts and amount of excitement, there is a significant change.

European Roulette Rules are slightly different

A rule in European roulette known as “En Prison” or “In Prison” exists. This is encouraging for a player and can lead to wins. If a player had placed a 1:1 bet before the spin; such as on red or black, odd or even, or other such wager, they would be granted a stay of execution should the ball land on the green zero. The other players all lose their wagers, but you get to keep your wager in place for another turn of the wheel.


American and European roulette have long been popular forms of this classic casino game, and now that you are aware of the main differences between each one, perhaps you can enjoy it even more so the next time you play.

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