Amotekun: ”Quintessential Barbarian”, FFK Drags Miyetti Allah National Secretary


Femi Fani-Kayode has replied the National Secretary of Miyetti Allah, Hassan Saleh, who on Chanels TV yesterday January 21st, described Yoruba’s as the most prmitive in terms of political culture in Nigeria.

Saleh was a guest on Channels TV to discuss the newly formed security outfit for the South West, Amotekun. He described the security outfit as ”an extention of the OPC which is known to have been used to commit heinous crimes against humanity during the time it was very effective.”

Making particular reference to FFK, Saleh said the proponents of Amotekun have been making a lot of hate speech as they canvass for the security outfit to be fully implemented. 

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FFK this morning took to his Twitter handle to drag Saleh. He said:

“I listened to the National Secretary of Miyetti Allah on @channelstv & I am convinced that he needs to be taken to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s SCOAN Church to get deliverance from the spirit of insanity, bloodlust, arrogance & delusion. The man is sick in mind, body spirit & soul.

..He is the quintessential barbarian: unlettered, unruly, ugly, uncouth, unconciable, foul-mouthed and incapable of reigning-in and controlling his primitive and sociopathic passions.

..For such a creature to denigrate the people of the SW without any fear of sanction from the FG means only one thing: that the country is being run by a bunch of bloodthirsty & vicious terrorists & savage cattle-rearers whose intention is to push us into a second civil war.

..It is time to not only ban Miyetti Allah but to also arrest all its leaders, bring them to justice & send them back to Futa Jalon & Futa Toro. For those that have blood on their hands to have the nerve to call the sons & daughters of Oduduwa “illiterates” is a step too far.


…We shall not stand by idly and allow them to insult and denigrate us and we shall no longer take their insults without an appropriate response. Gone are the days when we will simply turn the other cheek. That is what Amotekun is all about!”

See his tweets below:

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