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    prayer is the master key.

    Comment…Na waaoooo… It is a very big dance of shame in a community of world were nigeria belong to a member state. The issue of grazing bill is noting but aim at targetting or continue pushing up a jihajist fight after the well organised BOKO HARA(mallitia) fail to achieve the aim as a result of the powerful voices coming out from well meanings nigeria both local and international which all the notherner elite knows every things about it and by then the govt too up the bull by the horn to fight the terrorr only for the elders from the north go against it and called him all such of name only ment to target there youth and the chief commender was force to retire. But today another well organised mallitia(herdsmen or fulanis herdsmen) has re-surface again to completed there evil objective which we nigeria must stand against.

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    Finally, Friedman thanked everyone for the “robust” discussion, and Wiener noted that most of the future discussion and amendments to the bill will take place as it moves through the committee process in the state legislature…where it will very likely see very extensive revisions. (Since this is a legislative bill, however, and not a ballot measure – like last year’s Measure S –  it won’t be voted on directly by the public.


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