Anytime Buhari Has To Ban Something His Friends Get Richer- Twitter User 

by on September 5, 2020

As president Muhammadu Buhari led administration hike the prices of goods and services in the country, Nigerians have continued to express their dissatisfaction on the level of economic hardship in the country as the effects of these policies bites harder.

It is on this note that a twitter user @_SirWilliam_  decribed Buhari’s policies as a selfish enterprise, embarked on only when he intends to favour his friends. 

Williams who was reacting to reports that four companies approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, import maize into the country are owned by northerners linked to the President. 

According to him  the President never makes any move if he knows it would not favor the northern elites.

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He said, “Anytime, Buhari has to ban something, his friends get richer.
The purpose of making you poorer is to make some people wealthier.
From FX, to rice and now we are seeing it with maize.
The person elected to fight corruption Is using corruption to cash out.
Well done.

“With Border Closure, they started a Rice Cartel
They abused laws of basic economics to cause food inflation, and used the difference to cash out.
Let’s not even start with CBN rice loans
They applied that format to maize, and now will create Maize import billionaires.

“When Peter Obi said fighting corruption is not an economic policy he wasn’t stupid.
If you think corruption is bad, elect an economic hitman who hates private wealth.
Buhari is on a mission to teach us a serious lesson on Governance. And we will learn.

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“When we look back at how APC struggled to seize power, we remember all the good people they attempted to destroy just to achieve this…Nobody destroys to create. This country does not belong  to politicians. It belongs to you
Nigerians: Wake up and take your country back.

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