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Welcome to Breaking Times, a global online newspaper for synthesizing news down to easy-to-read-and-comprehend stories. Send e mails to ; btbreakingtimes@gmail.com

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    A word is enough for the wise. You have done what you can do. god bless you and may he heed to your warning, sir.

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    Comment…For God’s sake apostle sulaiman is God’s prophet,only ungodly persons who do not fear God can urge him to forsake the bidding of his heavenly father to do the bidding of his earthly father. ‘why do the heathens rage and the people imagine a vain thing against the Lord and his anointed?’ This is a question for who ever is against prophet sulaiman to answer. Our Lord Jesus said that if an egg should fall on a rock it will break,and if the rock should fall an the egg the egg will equally break. that is the fate of all who will put God and his anointed to test,earthly father and earthly president inclusive.

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    Akwara sam emuobor

    Elder sule leave your son alone this religeous bias attitude of the nigeria leader is the issues at hand not your son sir if buhari is a man of integrety as you claimed why did he overthrone a duely elected president (shagari)in 1983 and many more to talk about.


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