Arewa Consultative Forum accepts Restructuring, Gives Conditions 

by on July 13, 2017

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has called on different groups agitating for a restructuring of Nigeria to be clear on the kind of restructuring they mean. 

The group also added that their concept of restructuring should be defined in the present democratic setting. 

The statement read “ACF has observed with keen interest the current nationwide debate on the term, restructuring of the country, as being canvassed by some people, groups and even prominent citizens. The term, however, means different things to different people or groups”.  

 “To some, it is true federalism, whatever that means. For others it is fiscal federalism, while some groups tout resource control, yet we have those for resource ownership”.  

ACF notes with regret that those clamouring or demanding for the so-called restructuring are yet to define what they actually mean by the concept and its application in our present democratic setting.”

In most cases, the meaning depends on which section of the country or where the person advocating it comes from.

 “It is, therefore, the considered view of the ACF that any acceptable restructuring meant to improve the unity, stability, harmony and peaceful coexistence of the country must be based on just, fair and equitable principles to all Nigerians that come with clarity of definition”. 

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