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    John Aliegwu

    Ah ah no it can not be sani kai wana inyamiri mana. As una list everybad thing put am for our head our God will liberate us .only igbo de kinap even your people have being caught wiht cocaine in saudi arabia. You people that said that we are one nigeria have expose us to danger in nigeria and abroad you can now see the yeilds of the quick notice right there in south africa. We crying of xenophobic in southafrica and we forgot that we have the worst xenophobic at home. Oh God of israel come and liberate igbos in nigeria.

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    One of the most effective way to fight inflation is massive food production ,and Complete ban importation of goods such as Automotive,and patronize locally assembled Vehicle Government should use local Automotive as official cars,and Company operating in the country should patronize local assembled vehicle The time has come for Government to talk and work . Proforce armoured Nigeria and Innoson Vehicle company are good testimony that Nigerians can compete favorably if Government provides a conducive environment . Over the years aviation industry had suffered and continually suffering due to official corruption where huge taxation imposed on the sector without adequate protection,and the list goes on .The present administration about to change the situation only if corrupt MP does not stand in the way.Only in Nigeria Some Pastor praying for the death of a President,The same Pastor spread their subject all over the world for monetary reasons,and the more money being report to the head quarter,and the better city the pastor will be posted to head a church and their preaching is mostly fear monger to members.God is a God of love .and that was why Nigerians should work and develop herself like developed other nations of the world. Only in Nigeria Human being vanish to the thin air without trace,only in Nigeria human being used for ritual ,Kidnappings, cultism, Robbery,and Rape sometimes pastor/Imam/cleric name is involved.Lastly, people using God Name to commit atrocity for their selfish end will end up in hell fire in the day of judgement


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