Atiku: PDP Operates A Propaganda Government

by on November 28, 2014

Former vice president and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Atiku Abubakar, on Wednesday in Enugu, carpeted the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying the ruling party practises government of propaganda.

Atiku, who is currently a presidential aspirant on APC platform, said PDP government is only good in propaganda and has nothing to showcase as its achievement.

Addressing Enugu State delegates to the APC national convention, the former vice president challenged all progressives to remain unrelenting in their quest for change in the country.

Atiku noted in all his lifetime, he has never seen Nigerians governed the way it is being governed today, with no sense of direction.

“If you go to APC states, you see what the governors are doing. If you go to Rivers, Nasarawa, Lagos, Sokoto, you will see what the governors are doing. You can see it.

“The PDP government is only good in propaganda. They build railways only on television. There is insecurity everywhere. There is unemployment. Most of the problems in this country, insurgency, kidnapping, oil bunkering is done by youths because they don’t have jobs. Once they have jobs, they will not engage in such,” Atiku said.

The former vice president stated that he joined the presidential race to make a change, otherwise this country would be destroyed and it would be no more.

He described those in APC as reformers, who have passion for change in Nigeria, pointing out that the path they have chosen has nothing to do with religion and ethnicity.

Atiku said he is the most suitable among the four aspirants vying for the APC presidential ticket, as the one who has the longest political experience, occupied the highest political office in a democracy and worked in every part of the country.

“None of them boasts of this experience. I have contributed to democracy more than all of them. Even when the situation favoured me personally, I rejected it for the benefit of the entire country. Records are there for everybody to see. I have prepared myself. I have experience and I want to serve,” he said.


Source: Daily Independent

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