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    ‘I’ve always beveleid that countries get the ‘leaders’ they deserve. No one complains in Nigeria, and everyone is quick to jump into a collective self-delusion mentality when the money and the owambes start to flow’No one complains in Nigeria because there’s absolutely NO ONE to listen or even to do something about it. Its a situation that has been going on for EONS now, so the people are now used to it, hence the term “Suffering and Smilling”. I sincerely hoped for change in this coming elections, i hoped that at Donald Duke had a tiny drop in a bucket of chance, to turn things around in the country given his impressive records, but as every one knows, Nigerian politics is nothing but who knows who, and who owes allegiance to who, hence the rich gets richer and poor keeps dwindling to downright nottingness (if thats a word). I just read ur two posts for today and i can see the disdain and disgust in your voice. And when you complained about the Arik Air incident, did you get a satisfactory response from the stewardess??? I’m guessing most likely not…and trust me that complaint didn’t go any further than where it was made! Its the Naija way, and i’m wondering when it will end.


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