Babies Born With ‘Natal Teeth’ Are Not Possessed, Not An Abomination — Dr. Olufunmilayo

by on May 22, 2020

Popular online doctor, Harvey Olufunmilayo has advised parents against acting on the various superstitious beliefs that surrounds giving birth to babies with teeth.

The early teeth appear either in the womb or in the first month after birth and are referred to as natal and neonatal teeth respectively. Some parents rely on traditional wisdom to give interpretations to babies born with natal and neonatal teeth.

Some Malaysian families associate such occurrence with good luck, while in China, is a conflicting belief. Some communities go as far as labelling such babies with teeth monsters and demanding the removal of the teeth.

In some isolated villages in parts of Africa, infants with neonatal or natal teeth have been killed or abandoned in the bush most often.

In parts of Europe, it was believed babies with these early teeth would be special and go on to become great leaders—or potentially vampires. 

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Dr. Olufunmilayo has strongly advised parents to desist from relying on traditional wisdom to endanger infants with early teeth.

He explained the such infants are not witches nor wizards and are not possessed.

He warned that pulling out the teeth without consulting a dentist can cause the baby to bleed and develop infections which can lead to death.

The online doctor also stated that natal and neonatal teeth which happens around the world does not mean that the child is special, has supernatural powers or authority in his mouth.

Parts of his thread on Twitter read:

“What causes Natal Teeth? The exact cause is unknown.

“Can it be normal? Some dentists say it can be.

“What we know is it can be associated with certain more serious medical problems in the child like cleft lip, cleft palate and some other conditions the child may be born with.

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“What does natal teeth look like? They can be loose, They can be brown, They can be yellow.

“What babies are more likely to have natal teeth? Some studies I’ve seen seem to suggest that male babies are more at risk of natal teeth than female babies.”

Dr. Olufunmilayo continued:

“So what should you do about Natal Teeth? ALL cases of babies born with teeth should be taken to the doctor.

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“Why? The tooth can just fall off and the child may accidentally swallow it blocking its airways/lungs and dying in the process.

“This is very important. Please note this.

“The tooth can injure the child’s tongue. The tooth can injure the mom’s nipples as child breastfeeds.

“These are ALL reasons why you MUST take the child to a dentist, a doctor or a pediatrician to have that tooth checked.

“Remember: Removing the tooth yourself can kill the baby!”

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