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Welcome to Breaking Times, a global online newspaper for synthesizing news down to easy-to-read-and-comprehend stories. Send e mails to ; btbreakingtimes@gmail.com

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    Magu,pls do your work professionally. Talking down banking institution on the media is counter productive. Corrupt money pass through us,UK,swiss and banks all over the world, CIA, FBI and scotyard chiefs have not come on in the media and threaten banks. Its a threat to investors. Banks are business entity and it is not their buiness to identify which deposit is corrupt or not. It is ur duty to identify corrupt money in banks. It is even good that corrupt money are deposited in bank so they can be traced. Or are you encouraging corrupt politician to build safety vault that can not be traced in their houses,which I believe they have the capacity to do. Again, Mr magu,be more civilised with words so that you don’t make mockery of your ability or show signs of personal frustration. May God guide and protect you even as you carry out this difficult national assignment.


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