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BAYELSA ELECTION| PDP Vows to Resist Rigging and Intimidation By APC

by on December 3, 2015

The National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh, said the party had decided that it would not allow a repeat of what happened in the November 21, Kogi governorship election.

He said that PDP refrained from making further comments on obvious infractions by INEC and security forces in the conduct of the inconclusive Kogi election due to the respect it had for the dead and because the party is in court to challenge the outcome.

Chief Olisa Metuh said: “Nevertheless, the National Working Committee of the PDP wishes to declare to INEC and all security agencies that the people of Bayelsa state and our members have been fully rallied in their numbers to combat, head to head, any move by any body or group whatsoever to rig the December 5 governorship election.”

“President Muhammadu Buhari should know that the country cannot afford to aggravate an already charged environment, adding that any attempt to rig the result of Bayelsa election will be a clear invitation to civil unrest in the region, thereby further heating up the polity”.

Chief Olisa Metuh further cautioned the new INEC chairman, Prof. Yakubu and all INEC officials involved in Bayelsa election to be weary of the fact that the state has unique political characteristics and that its resistance level to electoral injustice and fraud comes with dreadful costs.

“From what I gathered from the state from and the people that are on ground, it obvious that the APC plans to rig the election but we have activated our members to checkmate that”.

“We wish to make it clear to all, especially INEC officials, both regular and ad hoc that the atmosphere in Bayelsa is already charged and that any of them, who in any way allows himself to be used for manipulation would be doing so at his own peril”.

“Bayelsans, conscious of the ugly records of brazen doctoring of votes by INEC in favour of APC in the earlier mentioned Borno and Kogi governorship election, are now fully determined to stop the commission in its trail and ensure that such is not repeated in their state”.

“We are all aware of the marching order handed down to the new INEC Chairman, Yakubu, at his furtive meeting with the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, to rig Kogi and Bayelsa elections in favour of APC, but we wish to let the commission know that attempting so in Bayelsa will have huge repercussions”.

“INEC should not pretend to be oblivious of the political terrain and volatile nature of Baylelsa State, especially given the recent history of militancy and as such should hold itself responsible should there be any breakdown of law and order in the state”.

Olisa Metuh further said the PDP was privy to the fact that some partisan security operatives had been deployed to the state to help rig the election, but let it be known that no amount of force can subdue our people.

“Our members and supporters in Bayelsa State are not afraid and cannot be intimidated by guns. They will come out in their numbers to exercise their franchise and to defend their votes fully. We therefore caution the military and other security forces to keep to the dictates of their constitutional role of peripheral security in elections, as any infraction on the freedom and rights of our members and supporters will not only be faced with stiff resistance but will also be dragged to the international court for justice”.

“We want President Buhari to note that this country cannot afford to aggravate an already charged environment. Any attempt to rig the result of Bayelsa election will be a clear invitation to civil unrest in the region, thereby further heating up the polity”.

“For purposes of emphasis, Bayelsa is a core PDP state and our overwhelming support base indicates this. Therefore, anything short of the will of the people as evidenced in a transparent process will be vehemently resisted. The PDP insists that for a guaranteed free and fair election, all votes must count; they must be collated and announced at individual polling units and all security agencies and electoral officers must play by the rule.

“Expecting INEC to conduct a free, fair and credible election is not an impossibility considering the record of the PDP in ensuring credible polls in eight elections in the last five years.

“Finally, we call on all our members in Bayelsa to remain vigilant, focused and fearless throughout this process even as we expressly direct them to resist rigging by all means necessary.”

Asked whether the party would withdraw from the election on account of the allegations, “We cannot withdraw from an election we are poised to win and we cannot withdraw from the contest in which we have the capacity to check rigging.”


Omolara Adegoke- Abuja

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  • Acholoson Patrick O
    December 3, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    Comment…Mr Metuh are u really sure that Kogi State election was manipulated against you or u are pretending?I remember u alleged that APC had perfected plans to rig Kogi election only for d members of ur party to be caught in all manners of electoral malpractices; ballot snatching, violence ,doctoring of election results etc which eventually led to cancellation in many polling units.
    By alibis for failure before the Bayelsa polls,are u not sounding very desperately unsure of victory already or are u being chased by your own shadows?
    If PDP is as strong as u claimed in Bayelsa,how come people are defecting to APC en mass,even serving commissioners. U said u would not be intimidated but the tone of ur hysterical outbursts show that you are one intimidating the peaceful people of Bayelsa.It appears to me that u want to incite innocent youths of Bayelsa into violence but gone are the days when youths shed their blood for PDP over electoral crumbs while people like u ate the buttered bread.Methinks your time is up as u people’s past will surely turn to haunt u.


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