Be Content With Own Self And Stop Pleasing Everyone

Everyone should accept that we can’t make everyone happy in our life. Humans always try to find ways to communicate information, feelings, and ideas. Everyone should respect the other person’s point of view.
Feelings make our life complicated for the sake of certain emotions. We can feel happy even though our circumstances do not reflect.

You can make yourself happy in a bad time or feel low, but pleasing everyone is impossible. Therefore, we will share some ways by which you can remain content with yourself.

Be Content With Yourself

The foremost thing is to stop pleasing your brain because it brings sadness when we create appealing scenarios and deny the truth. We assume everyone according to our expectations. Many factors affect the world, and circumstances and expectations do not fulfill them. If we stay in reality, we will be happier in our life. The state of lucid dreams control us, and because of all these disorienting nightmares, it adds vagueness to our life.

Stop Pleasing Your Parents

No doubt, parents always give better advice to their children. They feel a sense of responsibility and want their kids to do their best. But, parents should mold their thoughts so that they can decide their future in a better way. Children should respect their parents but do critical thinking and find a successful way for themselves rather than pleasing their parents.

Stop Pleasing Your Mates

At this place, everyone has friends, and sometimes we feel bad when circumstances change and our friend does not value us more than one’s spouse. Here you need to understand that you invest your time in passion and understand that her/his marriage is the priority.

Moreover, in marriage, we try to please our mates; that is totally wrong. The effort should not be one-sided as you must create a strong bond with your partner but don’t lose your own identity.

The nostalgic feeling of friendship is a sin because we just choose friends sometimes on the based of looks or material things. We should maintain our friendship based on characteristics and traits. Friendship fades with time if you don’t have a strong bond based on characteristics of values and traits.

Stop pleasing What You Love

If you love someone, you must set some boundaries with that person because boundaries make your bond strong. If you ignore yourself and fulfill someone’s desires for so long, it will just take you in vain. By doing this, we just kill our part slowly.

There is a big misconception that we grow in pain; actually, we kill part of ourselves in reality. Just our ‘self’ dies in all this process, and a hard shell is just left at the back.

Therefore, always remember that instead of pleasing everyone, just know yourself, your soul, and your hunger. Everyone is just like us temporarily; you must give good company to yourself and remain desirable for self than others.

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