Beirut Explosion: Enraged Protesters Storm Beirut, Demands Answers From Govt


Following the explosion that killed over 100 persons in Lebanon, hundreds of enraged protesters have besieged the streets of Beirut Lebanon demanding answers from the government whom they have alleged caused the explosion.

Protesters pointed accusing fingers on the government, saying that it was their carelessness that resulted to the incident. Authorities around responded to the uproar by using tear gas to calm the situation.

The explosion was caused by 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, dangerously stored, and has since been left in Beirut’s Port.

The explosion added to the present challenge already brought to the people by the COVID-19 pandemic, the effect of the blast saw thousands injured, as well as destroyed lots of homes and businesses in the country.

Lebanon government apprehended six people who they believed were allegedly suspects involved in the blast

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The inflammable material that exploded, are used in making fertilizers and the explosives were contained in a vessel that was abandoned by a Russian at the port since 2013.The material was later seized by authorities, but was still left at the port, as Lebanese court failed in disposing the material.

French President, Emmanuel Macron visited the scene of the blast, and called on the leaders in Lebanon to start taking more serious the life of citizens otherwise, incidents like these will keep re-occurring.

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