Beirut Explosion: One Dead As Police Use Firearms To Calm Turbulent Scene

by on August 12, 2020

Beirut Police on Wednesday, confirmed the arrest of over hundred people, as firearms was used by them to keep in check the ravaging protesters over the much refutable presidential election.

The police who responded to Tuesday’s night protest of a small group to abject claims of Alexander Lukashenko’s to have won the election that was conducted on Sunday.

Riot police who were summoned prior to assembling of the protesters that shot rubber bullets and stun grenades, were vehement in their approach and responded in kind to the protesters.

Spokeswoman of interior ministry Olga Chemodanova in a statement, said that some protesters possessing metal rods attacked the southwestern city of Brest.

After the police gave warning shots, which was disregarded by the protesters, they opted to use of firearms and in the process injured a protester.

“The use of firearms by the police was quite understandable, because the lives of the employees was gravely threatened by the ravaging crowd”.

The ministry said over 1,000 persons have been apprehended by the police. The three days protest have amassed to the sum of about 6,000 detained protesters, added that over 50 persons are being treated from clash with the police.

The police meanwhile confirmed that a protester died from the clash as a device jumped from his hand, exploded and killed him in the process.

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